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PlanetLab Project Quarterly Status Report for 4Q 2008

Reporting period: Oct 1st – Dec 31st 2008 (Q4 2008)

PI: Larry Peterson (Princeton)

Major accomplishments

  • Version 0.1 of geniwrapper (a module containing a PLC-based Clearinghouse and Component Manager) has been made available to the GENI community. The module, along with minimal documentation, is available via SVN at geniwrapper currently works in "demo" mode; we continue to work harden it in anticipation of "active" demployment on PlanetLab in Q1 2009.

Description of work performed during last quarter

Activities and findings

  • We documented and made the geniwrapper module available to the GENI development community. We continue to test and harden geniwrapper, in preparation for active deployment on PlanetLab in Q1 2009.
  • We worked with Cluster B participates (and many others) to bring up private instantiations of of MyPLC, which will serve as a foundation for integrating their technologies into PlanetLab. Collaborators are working with MyPLC independent of geniwrapper.

Project participants

  • Scott Baker (contractor), Reid Moran (Princeton engineer), and Tony Mack (Princeton engineer) contributed to geniwrapper, and supported MyPLC adoption.

Publications (individual and organizational)

  • Slice-Based Facility Architecture. Larry Peterson, et. al. November 2008.
  • PlanetLab Implementation of the SFA. Larry Peterson and Scott Baker. December 2008.
  • Understanding and Resolving Conflicts on PlanetLab. Larry Peterson. November 2009.

Outreach activities

  • None.


Cluster B participants working with MyPLC:

  • Washington University
  • MAX -- Mid-Atlantic Crossroads
  • GpENI / University of Nebraska

Other Contributions

  • Reported experience dealing with usage policy on PlanetLab, informing University CIO discussions on such policies.