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PlanetLab and PLFed Project Status Report

  • Federating PLC, VINI, PLE, PLJ and GpENI with sfa-0.9-11. Actively working to federate with OpenFlow with sfa-0.9-15. Will then bring other peers up to 0.9-15 asap.
  • Made trips to Germany (G-Labs) and Paris (PLE) to discuss peering plans with federation partners. Hosted NSF Federation workshop. Engaged with other clusters to converge on the new SFA v2.0.
  • Upgraded all federation peers to use a common RSpec.
  • Continue to harden SFA implementation. This includes automating the process of an aggregate joining a federation, optimizing the database and instrumenting to find remaining performance issues (most related to xml-rpc), and improving robustness (with increased usage). Also worked with BBN to incorporate "SFA reconciliation" changes.
  • Built a desktop GUI for our SFA client using pyjamas, a Python port of the Google Web Toolkit. The goal is to make it easy for users to configure their PlanetLab and VINI slices using the SFA client.  In the future we plan on linking to a Web-based version of the GUI from the PlanetLab website.
  • Completed interim implementation of sfatables, which provides resource limits based on information available in the RSpec. We are in the process of extending this mechanism to support access control policies. Since the information needed for this access control is not fully contained in RSpecs, our work defines mechanisms to efficiently define such policies in the database. Using this framework, an administrator will be able to define arbitrarily complex access policies.