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PlanetLab / PLfed Project Status Report

Period: GEC9 -- GEC10

I. Major accomplishments

  • Released SFA v1.0-20.. This release mainly resolves issues with ProtoGENI interoperability, and adds support for the ProtoGENI Flash client for SFA. We have deployed the release at PlanetLab Central.
  • Released Sface GUI v1.0-6, a desktop GUI client for the SFA. We demonstrated it at the GEC10 Control Framework Highlights session.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

  • Federated with PlanetLab Korea (PPK) and EmanicsLab (via PLE)
  • Continued to fix bugs with our SFA implementation, and deploy fixes on PLC, PLE, and VINI.
  • Collaborated with ProtoGENI to resolve SFA interoperability issue.
  • Added support for ProtoGENI Flash client to the SFA.
  • Built and released the Sface GUI, in collaboration with OneLab in Europe. Sface is a desktop GUI that allows PlanetLab users to access resources throughout the PlanetLab federation (PLC, PLE, PLJ, VINI, GpENI, PPK). The GUI is written in PyQt and is layered over the SFA. It has been tested on Mac OS X and Linux, and should run on Windows as well.
  • Software releases: SFA v1.0-20 and Sface v1.0-6. All software is available at

B. Project participants

  • Larry Peterson
  • Andy Bavier
  • Sapan Bhatia
  • Tony Mack
  • Marco Yuen

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

D. Outreach activities

  • Worked with GpENI to resolve issues with their deployments of MyPLC, MyVINI, and SFA.

E. Collaborations

  • OneLab: Thierry Parmentalat, Panos Antoniadis, Marco Bicudo
  • GpENI: Xuan Liu
  • ProtoGENI: Rob Ricci, Leigh Stoller, Matt Strum

F. Other Contributions