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Custom Experiment on InstaGENI with GEMINI

1. Goals

2. Experiment Overview

3. Setting up your user environment

Follow these instructions to configure Omni

Now we want to decrypt our private key so Omni won't have to repeatedly prompt for the key password.

4. Create the experiment slice

We will do this through Flack with InstaGENI AMs.

Now we do some editing of the request RSpec.



       <execute command='wget -q -P /tmp;sudo bash /tmp/' shell='sh'/>\n\

sed "/\/node\>/ i\ ${TEXT_ADD}" ${FILE}
$ ./ myslice.xml > myslice_phoebus.xml

First, renew the slice created in Flack via Omni.

Create the slivers at each AM. (ig-utah and ig-ky)

5. Instrument the slice

6. Login and configure experiment nodes

7. Configure measurements

8. Run experiments

9. View results

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