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Steps to transition your account from to the GENI Portal and Clearinghouse

Create and configure your Portal Account

  1. Create a GENI account at GENI Portal, for detailed information look here SignMeUp, only step 1.
  2. Generate SSH keys in the portal. These keys are used for logging in to any resources your reserve in GENI. You can either upload your own public key, or let the portal create a pair for you.
  1. You will need to be a member of a project in order to reserve GENI Resources:
    1. If you were a Project Lead follow these instructions
    2. If you were not a project lead, wait until a project has been created at the GENI Portal
  1. Once you are a member of at least one project you can configure omni, if desired. (See full instructions)

If you are a Project Owner / Lead

If you would like help creating and populating your project:

  1. Please email with the name of the existing project you would like to transition.

To create and populate your project yourself:

  1. After requesting to be a project lead and creating a project, ask the other members of your project to create an account following the steps above.
  2. Once your members have created their accounts, add these members to your project by either:
    1. Bulk add the members of your project (using the Bulk Add New Members button on the Slice page).
    2. Have each member request to join your project (using the 'Join a Project' button on the Home page).