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Path Controller

As an example experiment, we have set up a Path Controller tool. Click on the link or goto . Accept the self-signed certificate.

Log on using the information on your handout.

The tool consist of a web interface that connects to the slice's nodes and allows you to change the routing paths and generate traffic between selected nodes. The interface has desktop-like windows that can be moved around and resized as you please.

The first window we will examine contains the slice's topology.

Each circle represents a node in the network. The lines represent links. Note that the global node (GN) does not have links, it acts in the background. Left click and drag a node to rearrange them. For this tutorial arrange them so they match the geminiportal layout like so:

As you rearrange the nodes, note the window directly below the topology window. This is the information (Info) window.

This window has some brief information about the node or link that the cursor is currently over. This case has information about VM-1. The icon represents a virtual machine. The hostname is

This next case is for lan1. The icon represents a link. The ids are displayed for the two end points, along with each interface's ip address.

Create Traffic

The window with the button is the Traffic Generator. Click the button to add a Traffic Generator.

The Traffic Generator has a traffic source (Src) node and destination (Dst) node, both of which must be set. The File Size defaults to 500MB and can be anything from 1 to 1000MB. To set the Src or Dst, left click on the desired node. Once the node is highlighted, click on the or to set your choice. Set the traffic from Src VM-1 to Dst VM-4.

Start the traffic by clicking the button. The button color will pulse and the text will change to Transferring while the transfer is in progress.

Switch to Gemini Portal

*see traffic on lan1

Switch to Path Controller

The Traffic Path window allows you to add custom routes to the slice.

The button adds a new path based on the links that are selected in the topology window. The button will reset the slice back to its default routes.

As we saw earlier, the default route between VM-1 and VM-4 follows the direct route via lan1. Now we will alter that route. Set the path from VM-1 to VM-4 to follow links lan3, lan5, lan4. Do this by left clicking on the links while holding the shift key. Once the three links are selected, click the button. The results should look like this:

Start traffic between VM-1 and VM-4 by pressing the button.

*set path to 3 5 4

Switch to Gemini Portal

*see traffic on lan4

Switch to Path Controller

Set the File size to 1000MB. Start traffic by pressing the .

Now add another path (in addition to the existing path) between VM-1 and VM-4 that follows links lan3 and lan0.

*set path to 3 0

Switch to Gemini Portal

*see traffic start on lan4 then switch over to lan0 *see traffic on lan0

Switch to Path Controller

Click the by each path to remove them. Or, click the to remove all the paths in one step.

Start traffic again?

Switch to Gemini Portal

See traffic on lan1 again?

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