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As an example experiment, we have set up a Path Controller tool. Click on the link or goto . Accept the self-signed certificate.

Log on using the information on your handout. [Image(path_controller_logon.png)?

The tool consist of a web interface that connects to the slice's nodes and allows you to change the routing paths and generate traffic between selected nodes. [Image(path_controller_init_view.png)?

The interface has desktop-like windows that can be moved around and resized as you please. The first window we will examine contains the slice's topology. [Image(topo_init_view.png)? Each circle represents a node in the network. The lines represent links. Note that the global node (GN) does not have links, it acts in the background. Left click and drag a link to rearrange them. For this tutorial arrange them so they match the geminiportal layout like so: [Image(topo_rearragned_view.png)?

As you rearrange the nodes, note the window directly below the topology window. This is the information (Info) window. [Image(info_window.png)? This window has some brief information about the node or link that the cursor is currently over. This case has information about VM-1. The icon represents a virtual machine. The hostname is [Image(info_window_vm1.png)?] This next case is for lan1. The icon represents a link. The ids are displayed for the two end points, along with each interface's ip address. [Image(info_window_lan1.png)?]

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