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GENI Experimenter Portal Migration

This page is OBE. The machine named 'panther' is gone and the transition is complete.

As of Wednesday, June 5, 2013, the GENI Experimenter Portal which was at has migrated to a new home at

This migration is intended to be minimally disruptive, but will require action on the part of users of the GENI experimenter portal. You will be notified in advance about any action that is needed from your part.

If you have any questions, please e-mail:

We appreciate your patience with this migration.

Thank you, Marshall Brinn, Sarah Edwards, Aaron Helsinger, and Tom Mitchell

Summary of Required Action

Date Experimenter Action Needed Details
no later than 6/5/13 Create any slices needed on More
starting 6/5/13 Login to Download user certificate for use with outside tools (if needed). Reconfigure omni (if needed). More
6/17/13 will be decommissioned

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the migration?

The migration will move the GENI Experimenter Portal to a new machine with a permanent name.

What will happen during the migration?

At the start of the migration period on June 5:

  • A new instance of the portal ( will be stood up and become available.
  • User account information will be copied from to
  • The old instance of the portal ( will transition to a lockdown or "read-only" state.

At the end of the migration period (expected to be June 17):

  • The old instance of the portal will be decommissioned.

For a brief period during the migration, users will be able to log in and use both instances of the portal. However, after the start of the migration period they will only be able to create slices, project, or new user accounts on the new portal (

We encourage users to start using as soon as possible after the start of the migration.

What information will be copied to the new portal?

The information to be copied from to at the start of the migration includes:

  • All user/member information
    • including SSH keys
    • user SSL certificates will be regenerated for users who had the portal generate it for them (vast majority of users)
  • All projects (including project membership)
  • All slices (but existing slices will appear expired)
  • All RSpecs stored in the portal

What action is required from you before the start of the portal migration (June 5)?

IF you need the same resources both before AND after Wednesday, June 5, please go ahead and create a slice and add members to that slice. You will not be able to create a new slice on on or after June 5. However, you will be able to reserve resources in that slice.

OTHERWISE no further action is required at this time.

What action is required from after the start of the portal migration (June 5)?

  1. The new portal is now open for business. Please note the new url and update your bookmarks:

  1. From now on, please create new slices at the new portal.
  2. The old portal ( is now in a lockdown/read-only mode. Existing slices can be used from now until June 17, 2013.
  3. Users who have downloaded a certificate for use with Omni or other outside tools should follow these instructions

What's happening during the migration? I really want to know the details.

There are several changes happening at the same time including:

  • The GENI Experimenter Portal will move it to a permanent domain (
  • The GENI Experimenter Portal will move to a new machine.
  • The new machine will have separate IPs and domain names for the two functions of this machine: the portal ( and the clearinghouse (
  • New root certificates will be issued for and
  • User and slice identifiers (URNs) will now be issued by '' instead of 'panther'.