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Optical Access Networks
a.k.a. UB_OANets

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Chunming Qiao
Student Developer: Lokesh Mandvekar

Participating Organizations

University at Buffalo (SUNY at Buffalo)


This 1 year effort project will study how to make an optical edge network, such as a campus-scale optical access network based on passive optical network (PON) technologies, a part of the GENI infrastructure. In particular, it will study issues such as how to establish a campus-wide PON facility, based on any available infrastructure, implement desired GENI functionalities (programmability) in such a facility, the time and cost involved and expected GENI users and applications. The output of these efforts will be a white paper describing the plans to realize this infrastructure, and the expected cost, and GENI functionality and usage.

The year 2 effort is to continue to study an experimental facility for optical edge/access networks as a part of GENI. The facility to be studied shall initially be a campus/city wide Passive Optical Network (PON) based on hybrid TDM/WDM technologies. The study shall involve issues related to both hardware and software, with a focus on its programmable and virtualizable aspects per need of GENI. It shall also address issues related to the applicability of one or more GENI control frameworks. The usage scenarios shall also be investigated.


UB_OANets: White paper on optical network
milestone 2a:mid-term report June 30, 2010
milestone 2b:final report December 31, 2010

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Year 1 Report

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Harry Mussman

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