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     1=== Requirements for Wholesale Opt-In ===
     3Matt Mathis, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
     5== Abstract ==
     6This document outlines requirements for a strong wholesale opt-in mechanism for
     7GENI.  When fully deployed it would permit GENI experimenters to request that
     8ISPs redirect traffic from a huge population of innocent users through GENI
     9infrastructure.  These users are innocent in the sense that they do not have to
     10do anything at all to participate, and might not even be aware that they are
     11doing so.  Key to wholesale opt-in is that it fully engages the Institutional
     12Review Board (IRB) process and that all participants are motivated by their own
     13self interests to do the right thing.  It does not require "selling" GENI to
     14application developers or anybody other than network researchers.
     16Since the ISPs bear a disproportionate share of the risk with this technique,
     17the ISPs are granted additional controls, implemented in an "ISP Daemon" that
     18serve to isolate the ISPs' critical core routers from GENI.
     20When this approach is fully mature we expect it to be sufficiently robust where
     21NSF might include GENI opt-in language in research solicitations across the
     22entire foundation.  This could bring as much traffic to GENI as is currently
     23carried in aggregate by all of today's production research and education
     26== Revisions ==
     27This is version 0.3.  I am accepting comments and suggestions.