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Project Number


Project Title

Experimenting on Opportunistic Mobile Wireless Networks in GENI
a.k.a. OppWireless

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator Jiang Li

Participating Organizations

Howard University
2400 6th Street NW
Washington DC 20059

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Mark Berman


This effort will perform early experiments on ProtoGENI with the goal of identifying issues with setting up, running and instrumenting experiments on ProtoGENI/CMU wireless emulator. The project team will document its experiences and provide program examples and libraries that will be useful to other researchers wishing to conduct experiments using ProtoGENI.

Current Capabilities

BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


MilestoneDate(OppWireless: S2.a)? Experiment design document v. 1.0
MilestoneDate(OppWireless: S2.b)? Report on early experiments with ProtoGENI/CMU wireless emulator
MilestoneDate(OppWireless: S2.c)? Experiment design document v. 1.1
MilestoneDate(OppWireless: S2.d)? Implementation of a Pigeon network algorithm for ProtoGENI/CMU wireless emulator
MilestoneDate(OppWireless: S2.e)? Report on experiences with running Pigeon network based experiments on ProtoGENI/CMU wireless emulator

Project Technical Documents

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Quarterly Status Reports


Spiral 2 Connectivity

To be confirmed: Layer 3 connectivity to ProtoGENI Clearinghouse. Layer 3 connectivity to provision resources used in experiment. Layer 2/3 connectivity between resources in experiment.

Related Projects

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