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GENI Network Operations Procedures

This is a list of shared GENI operations procedures approved by the operations teams at the GMOC, the University of Kentucky, RENCI, the University of Utah, Internet2 and the GPO. Procedures related to security are reviewed by the GENI LLR Representatives. Each operations group also defines their own internal procedures. Contact the GMOC if you are interested in participating in the operations procedures group coordinated by Terry Lee Broadstreet.

Emergency Stop provides information on Emergency Stop procedures, including an example procedure of how site operators can handle an Emergency Stop request. Contact the GMOC to request an Emergency Stop.

Security Events Procedure .pdf version provides information for handling various security events.

GENI Internet2 Switch Consolidation Procedure

GENI Stitching Operations Procedure

GENI Clearinghouse or Portal Event Procedure

GENI Wireless Event Procedure