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GENI Internet2 Switch URN Renaming

Internet2 plans an effort to migrate from SDN to MPLS in the AL2S backbone. The implementation of MPLS is not expected to impact GENI sites and its implementation will be verified by running GENI experiment traffic both via stitching or OpenFlow Over stitching after the upgrade has taken place.

The effort also includes a task to rename AL2S Switches from sdn-sw to rtsw. The renaming effort impacts: 1) GENI Aggregates, 2) Stitching Computation Services and 3) GENI Monitoring 4) Numerous wiki pages capturing network connectivity details. Thus is the bulk of the effort covered in this documents and sections below capture required activities and validation.

AL2S Switches

The AL2S renaming effort impacts 26 AL2S switches whose URN is to be changed. Only 9 AL2S switches that are to be renamed have have stitching sites and require updates to GENI Aggregates, GENI Stitching Computation Service and GENI Monitoring. The AL2S switches with GENI Stitching sites connected are:


GENI Sites

The 9 AL2S switches have 23 GENI aggregates whose advertisement is to be reconfigured (1 AL2S +22 GENI Sites) to pick up the URN name changes. Following are details for the AL2S switches and the GENI sites they support:

AL2S Switch Switch Port GENI Stitching Sites et-1/0/0.0 uchicago-ig, wisconsin-ig, wisc-clab[1], umich-ig et-7/0/0.0 northwestern-ig et-8/0/0.0 savi et-9/0/0.0 illinois-ig
sdn-sw.pitt et-4/0/0.0 psc-eg[1]
sdn-sw.phil et-3/0/0.0 rutgers-ig
sdn-sw.loui et-3/0/0.0 uky-pg, uky-ig, ukypks2-ig, ukymcv-ig
sdn-sw.jack et-4/0/0.0 *[2], unf-eg[1], fiu-eg[1], ufl-eg[1]
sdn-sw.houh et-0/3/0.0 tamu-eg[1], uh-campus
sdn-sw.alba xe-5/2/2.0 uvm-ig
sdn-sw.ashb et-3/0/0.0 vt-ig
sdn-sw.bato et-8/0/0.0 ullafayette-ig

[1] Known to Test SCS only. All other sites apply to both Test and Production SCS.
[2] Not sure how this stitching endpoint is used or how to test.

Remember!!! Each AL2S Switch renaming impacts the AL2S Aggregate which advertises the network topology and must always capture the correct naming for each switch in the network.

URN Renaming Procedure

Procedure assumes the following:

  • Sites are migrated in batches to streamline the effort and allow for efficiency.
  • Alive messaging/chat tool is used to coordinate effort when sites are transitioned to the new URN.
  • Representatives for the impacted aggregates (AL2S+GENI Sites) and for both SCS (Test & Production) are available.
  • URN Name transition has been planned considering upcoming events.

Procedure Steps for the URN renaming:

1. Generate GMOC Ticket

GMOC tickets must be generated capturing:

  • Date and duration of the URN change activity
  • Impacted to GENI sites. Scheduling

2. Review Affected Stitching Endpoint and coordinate start time

Before URN renaming takes place, collect Aggregate Advertisement for all Aggregates impacted by the planned update: $omni listresources -a $aggr -o

To determine which GENI sites are impacted by a switch name change, refer to the GENI Sites section above. Note the output advertisements are used for comparisons after the upgrade to ensure that the expected changes are made and that no information is added or deleted unexpectedly.

Schedule details for chat participation, identify participants and define details for expected stitching details.

3. Update Advertisement

Once the switch name change takes place and captured in ticket activity, the aggregate teams can proceed to make required changes:

  1. AL2S Aggregate changes Stitching definition in Advertisement using the new switch name and updated stitching section.
  2. Site Aggregate changes Stitching definition in Advertisement for IG, EG, or CLab site to reflect AL2S definitions.
  3. Notify team chat of completion of this step.

4. GPO Validates Advertisements

Once Advertisement updates are completed, GPO will validate:

  1. Content of Advertisement RSPec for AL2S. Verify both switch and stitching definitions.
  2. Content of Advertisement RSPec(s) for GENI site(s).
  3. Notify team chat of completion of this step

5. Stitching Computation Service Picks up changes

Once Advertisement updates are validated, the SCS owners can proceed to make the required changes:

  1. Production and/or Test SCS pick up new advertisements change for the AL2S and the GENI sites identified in ticket.
  2. As each is completed, the responsible will notify team chat of completion of this step.

6. Updates for Monitoring

Once SCS has picked for the Sites and AL2S, GPO will:

  1. Request that VLAN Delegation repository be updated to capture URN changes. Delegation file is used by Monitoring to identify stitching links.
  2. Notify GENI Monitoring folks to pick up updated delegation from previous step.

7. Validate URN changes and document update

Once SCS has picked for the Sites and AL2S, GPO will validate the following:

  1. Request stitching topology using updated sites from Production SCS, if applicable.
  2. Request stitching topology using updated sites from Test SCS, if applicable.
  3. Exchange traffic over stitched topology using updated devices.
  4. Request stitching OpenFlow topology and exchange traffic between endpoints.
  5. Review monitoring to verify: 1) URN is properly captured, 2) metrics are available for new Switch URN, and 3) stitching links using new URN are identified properly.
  6. Update wiki pages: 1)GENI Aggregate pages, 2)GENI Operators pages, and 3)GENI Network Stitching Sites.
  7. Notify team chat of completion of this step.
  8. Notify GMOC to close ticket.