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    55This effort also includes a task to rename AL2S Switches from '''sdn-sw''' to '''rtsw'''.  The renaming effort impacts: 1) GENI Aggregates, 2) Stitching Computation Services and 3) GENI Monitoring 4) Numerous wiki pages capturing network connectivity details. Thus is the bulk of the effort covered in all sections below.
    7 == Impacted Sites ==
     7== Impacted AL2S Switches ==
    99The renaming effort impacts 26 AL2S switches whose URN is to be changed.  Only 9 AL2S switches that are to be renamed have have stitching sites and require updates to GENI Aggregates, GENI Stitching Computation Service and GENI Monitoring. The AL2S switches with GENI Stitching sites connected are:
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     22== Impacted GENI Sites ==
    2224The 9 AL2S switches above have __23 GENI aggregates__ whose advertisement is to be reconfigured (1 AL2S +22 GENI Sites) to pick up the name change. Following are the details for the AL2S switches that will be reconfigured and tested along with the number of ports configured for switching and the switching sites associated with those ports.
    5557  [2] Not sure how this stitching endpoint is used or how to test. [[BR]]
     59Remember!!! Each AL2S Switch renaming impacts the AL2S Aggregate which advertises the network topology and '''must''' always capture the correct naming for each switch in the network.
    5861= URN Renaming Procedure =
    60 == 1. Generate Ticket and check for conflicts with upcoming events ==
     63This procedure assumes the following:
     64  - Sites will be migrates in batches to streamline effort and allow for efficiency.
     65  - A common chat tool/live messaging is used to coordinate effort when sites are transitioned to the new URN
     66  - Representatives for the impacted aggregates and for both Test and Production SCS are available for transition.
     67  - URN Name transition will be planned while considering upcoming events.
     69Following is the procedure to be followed when the URN renaming takes place.
    62 == 2. Review Affected Stitching Endpoint
     71== 1. Generate GMOC Ticket ==
     73GMOC tickets must be generated capturing:
     74 - Date and duration of the URN change activity
     75 - Impacted to GENI sites.  Scheduling
     77== 2. Review Affected Stitching Endpoint ==
     78Before URN renaming takes place, collect Aggregate Advertisement for all Aggregates impacted. To determine which sites are impacted, refer to the [xxx Impacted GENI Sites] section above.