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The External Check Datastore

External Check Overview

The configuration will list the external datastores that collectors can get data from. In particular, the following URL is provided for a collector to get started at an external check datastore:

This call returns information about what checks are run by this external check store:

  • List of aggregate control planes this external check monitors
  • List of data plane experiments this external check has

Here is an example response:

   "$schema": "",
   "id": "gpo",
   "selfRef": "",
   "ts": 1397762559284773,
   "measRef: "",
   "experiments": [
         "href": ""
   "monitored_aggregates": [
         "id": "gpo-ig",
         "href": ""
         "id": "rci-eg",
         "href": ""

The External Check Datastore part in Monitoring the Control and Data Planes

This page describes how monitoring data about more than one aggregate or about the control plane (reaching aggregates) is handled by the distributed operational monitoring architecture.

Architectural Highlight of a Collector and a Local Datastore

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