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OpenFlow is an open standard that allows you to run experimental protocols in production networks. More information about OpenFlow in general is available in a couple of places:

The following pages have more information about OpenFlow in GENI:

  • An example topology of a campus OpenFlow network, designed to allow experimenters to access the GENI nework core in a variety of ways depending on their needs.
  • Information about the GENI network core, a set of OpenFlow-capable switches in NLR and Internet2.
  • A procedure for testing OpenFlow in the GENI backbone, which we run after upgrades to the backbone OF software suite.
  • Information about FOAM, the FlowVisor OpenFlow Aggregate manager, which sites in GENI use to allow experimenters to allocate OpenFlow resources.
  • Information about various OpenFlow controller software options.

We continue to add additional pages; if there are any in particular that you'd like to see, let us know.