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    2525= Slicer Test Cases =
    2626== OF-OPR-SLCR-FN Testing Scenario: ==
     28=== Environment ===
     29Ideally, this test case will be run with a hardware OpenFlow switch and hosts attached to that switch.  The switch should not be running in VLAN-hybrid mode.  If this test is run with vSwithches, please note this in the test plan results.
    2831=== Step 1: Setup ===
    9396== OF-OPF-SLCR-OP Testing Scenario ==
     98=== Environment ===
     99This test may be run with vSwitches in GENI or using mininet.
    95101=== Step 1: Setup ===
    96102 a. Clear any existing log files that the slicer may have created.
    126132 e. Work with the development team to make sure they can satisfy remaining software requirements. ''(005)'' ''(006)'' ''(008)''
     134== Integration Testing ==
     136=== Environment ===
     137This test should be run with vSwitches in GENI which are interconnected through a GENI stitched connection.
     139=== Step 1: Setup ===
     140 a. Install two instances of the slicer software.
     141 b. Create a GENI slice comprised of two vSwitches interconnected through a GENI stitched connection.  There should be 2 hosts attached to each vSwitch.
     142 c. Point the control plane for the one of the vSwitches to one of the OpenFlow slicers and another vSwitch to another OpenFlow slicer.
     143 d. Create a single OpenFlow slice in each slicer that connects the hosts to each vSwitch, and each vSwitch to the stitched connection.  Point both of these reservations to a single controller URL and run a floodlight forwarding controller there.
     145=== Step 2: Exchange traffic ===
     146 a. Make sure that each host can exchange ICMP ping traffic with all other hosts.
    128148== Wishlist Testing (on request) ==
     150=== Environment ===
     151There are no restrictions on environment for these tests.
    129153=== Step 1: Check documentation ===
    130154 a. Does the software come in a package?  If so, are there instructions for installing the software as a package?