Status of GENI OpenFlow Slicers

This page tracks the status of versions of software that are being or have been tested against the OpenFlow Slicer Test Plan.

Running through the test plan

The template for starting a new test plan can be found at:

The actual results for a given piece of software should be tracked at a new page with the URL dependent on the software and version:<software>/<version>

Any ongoing tests should be tracked in the Ongoing Tests section. Any completed tests that successfully validated a software version should be tracked at the Validated Software section.

Ongoing Tests

Software VersionStatusTest Plan Results URL
Flowspace Firewall 1.0.4.b Abandoned
Flowspace Firewall 1.0.5-dev (2015-05-15) Abandoned
Flowspace Firewall 1.0.5 w/ PR 143-145 In progress

Validated Software

SoftwareVersionTest Plan Results URLDate
Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on 06/03/15 16:28:18