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    235235In particular, GENI mesoscale deployments should trust the SA; the official FOAM installation guide includes this step, or you can get the cert from if you need it.
     237== Changing FlowVisor password in FOAM ==
     239FOAM's database stores information about FV, including its hostname and password.  If you want to change FV's password, you need to change it both in FV itself, and also in FOAM.
     240 * Change the password in FlowVisor: this assumes `/etc/flowvisor/config.xml` FlowVisor's config, and is owned by user `openflow`:
     241   * Change the password in flowvisor's config:
     243$ sudo service flowvisor stop
     244$ sudo -u openflow fvconfig chpasswd /etc/flowvisor/config.xml fvadmin
     245Enter password for account 'fvadmin' on the flowvisor:
     246Enter password again
     247$ sudo service flowvisor start 
     249   * If you store the password in `/etc/flowvisor/fvpasswd`, change it there too by hand:
     251$ sudo vi /etc/flowvisor/fvpasswd
     253 * Change the password in FOAM.  Future versions of foamctl will support the `config:set-flowvisor-info` command.  If you are running foam-0.6.3, that command doesn't exist yet, so you'll need to use a helper script which invokes curl to talk to FOAM:
     254   * Copy the script `` from [] on your foam
     255   * Ask FOAM for the current FlowVisor information, so you can set any fields you do not want to change to the same values again:
     257$ foamctl get-config --key="flowvisor_info" --passwd-file=/opt/foam/etc/foampasswd
     259 "value": {
     260  "passwd": "<old_fv_passwd>",
     261  "xmlrpc_port": 8080,
     262  "host": "<old_fv_host>",
     263  "json_port": 8081
     264 }
     267   * Invoke that script to set FOAM's FlowVisor info the same way you would on an initial install:
     269$ python --passwd-file=/opt/foam/etc/foampasswd
     270FlowVisor Hostname: <old_fv_host>
     271FlowVisor XMLRPC Port [8080]:
     272FlowVisor JSON RPC Port [8081]:
     273fvadmin user password:
     275 "status": "success"
    237279== Testing FOAM ==