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    13!OpenFlow aggregates in GENI typically use Expedient as their aggregate manager, along with the Opt-In Manager. The OIM is currently packaged separately, but Expedient and the OIM each depend on the other.
    3638In particular, campus mesoscale deployments may want to trust the SA; you can get the cert from
     40== Aggregate changes ==
     42On some switches -- definitely HPs, maybe others -- if you change what ports are in a DPID, or add a new DPID that points to an Expedient-managed FlowVisor, you need to poke Expedient to have it notice the change.
     44To do so, browse to the Expedient web UI and log in. On the dashboard page, find the relevant aggregate, and click "edit" under "Actions". You don't need to make any changes, just click "Update", and that should cause it to get the new information.
     46== Slivers for expired slices ==
     48If you forget to extend the expiration date on your slice, then your Expedient slivers will outlive your slice, and then you can't delete the Expedient slivers because you don't have a slice any more. (Expedient 4.x in theory adds expiration dates; we haven't checked yet whether the expiration date automatically gets set to your slice expiration date if you don't specify.)
     50An Expedient admin can delete them by hand; there's probably more than one way to do this, but an easy way is to browse to the Expedient AM web UI and delete the user's project from the Projects section of the main ("Dashboard") page.