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    1111If you allocate a shared resource that connects to an !OpenFlow aggregate (e.g. a MyPLC plnode or ProtoGENI host), you'll typically also need to reserve some !OpenFlow resources. When you do this, your reservation request goes to the Opt-In Manager, and a local Expedient OIM admin needs to approve your request before your sliver actually becomes live. The OIM admin isn't notified of your request, so you'll usually want to contact them to ask them to opt in your sliver.
    13 If you're setting up a multi-campus topology, we recommend writing to, which will reach all of the campus Expedient admins (as well as other GENI resource admins), so everyone will know what you're doing.
     13'''NOTE:''' Most of the sites have switched to using the FOAM (a new OpenFlow Aggregate Manager) which will automatically send an email to the administrator when a sliver is created, so there is no need to contact them separately. You should also receive an email when your sliver is created and when the administrator makes a decision about your sliver. 
    15 If you only need to opt in a sliver at one site, here's a list of Expedient aggregates, and contact info for the OIM admins:
     16This is  a list of Expedient aggregate, and contact info for the OIM admins:
    17 || '''!OpenFlow Aggregate info page'''                   || '''Opt-In Manager admin''' ||
     18|| '''!OpenFlow Aggregate info page'''                   || '''Expedient Opt-In Manager admin''' ||
     19|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/IndianaOpenFlow Indiana]          || ||
     20||                                                       || ||
     21|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/I2OpenFlow Internet2]             || ||
     22|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/NLROpenFlow NLR]                  || ||
     24This is a list of contact info for FOAM admins, you should '''only''' contact FOAM administrators if your sliver hasn't been approved for more than a
     25couple of days or if you are experiencing other problems with your sliver.:
    1827|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/ClemsonOpenFlow Clemson]          || ||
    1928|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/GeorgiaTechOpenFlow Georgia Tech] || ||
    20 || [wiki:GeniAggregate/GpoLabOpenFlow GPO Lab]           || ||
    21 || [wiki:GeniAggregate/IndianaOpenFlow Indiana]          || ||
     29|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/GpoLabOpenFlow GPO Lab]           || ||
    2231|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/RutgersOpenFlow Rutgers]          || ||
    2332|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/StanfordOpenFlow Stanford]        || ||
    2433|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/WashingtonOpenFlow Washington]    || ||
    2534|| [wiki:GeniAggregate/WisconsinOpenFlow Wisconsin]      || ||
    26 ||                                                       || ||
    27 || [wiki:GeniAggregate/I2OpenFlow Internet2]             || ||
    28 || [wiki:GeniAggregate/NLROpenFlow NLR]                  || ||
    3036= Info for admins =