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GENI OpenFlow deployment summary

This page provides links to information about OpenFlow is deployed in GENI (in the mesoscale network).

  • Switches: The various aggregate info pages have details about which switches are in use at which OpenFlow aggregates.
  • FlowVisor: Sites typically use FlowVisor to slice their OpenFlow switches between multiple experiments.
  • FOAM: Sites typically use FOAM to provide a GENI Agregate Manager API interface that allows experimenters to allocate OpenFlow resources.

FOAM and FlowVisor at InstaGENI Racks

As of July 4th 2016, FOAM and FlowVisor will no longer supported at InstaGENI racks. In particular, we now use the InstaGENI software to create OpenFlow "VLAN" instances. This implies that OF resources are isolated per VLAN and each experimenter receives and exclusive OF VLAN instance. This simple model:

a) removes any possibility for subnet overlapping which existed with FOAM/FV model b) removes the need for site administrators to support FOAM and FlowVisor

Furthermore, mechanisms inherent in the GENI account creation and approval process and the GENI monitoring interface provide the ability to determine the identity of experimenters who own GENI resources. These can be used to determine the source of security issues when GENI resources are misused unintentionally or intentionally.