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Experimenters in GENI have used OpenFlow controllers based on these frameworks (in alphabetical order):

  • Beacon Beacon is a java-based built by David Erickson at Stanford.
  • FloodLight FoodLight is a java-based controller that was forked from the Beacon controller, and now is supported by a community of developers.
  • Maestro Maestro is a multi-threaded java-based platform that allows developers to implement new Openflow controllers. Maestro was developed at Rice University.
  • NOX Nox is a C++ based platform that gives the ability to developers to implement new controllers by writing Nox modules in either C++ or python. Writing new modules in Python is a very easy way to get started and write a prototype controller with Nox. Nox was developed at Stanford University.
  • Trema Trema is a C based platform that gives the aability to developers to write new controllers by writing Trema modules in either C or Ruby. Trema was developed by NEC.

You can find a performance comparison for some of the controllers here

If you're a GENI experimenter using an OpenFlow controller based on something else, drop a note to, and we can add a link here.