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OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software

Quarterly Status Report Document for Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Spiral 3 Project # 1764

Prasad Calyam (PI) and Paul Schopis (Co-PI)

Ohio Supercomputer Center/OARnet, The Ohio State University

Update Period: April 2011 - July 2011

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

In the project period between April 2011 - July 2011 in GENI Spiral 3, we have made significant progress towards our milestones [1]. A summary of our accomplishments is as follows:

  • We successfully completed the latest Spiral 3 milestone as planned: OnTime: S3.e Demonstrate the use of OnTimeMeasure within a GENI experiment that utilizes multiple GENI tools/services
  • To date, we have 41 users from 16 GENI-related projects registered in the OnTimeMeasure researcher web-portal to try out the software. We have integrated OnTimeMeasure with 6 GENI projects: ProtoGENI [3], PlanetLab [4], InsTools [5], CRON [6] Gush [7], and DOR [8].
  • We have also made progress towards the GPO requirement to collaborate with related GENI measurement and security projects on a common GENI instrumentation and measurement architecture [8].

B. Deliverables made

  • Released the latest OnTimeMeasure software along with a tutorial slides and videos, source code tar files with documentation and installation instructions in the “Current Capabilities” section of the project wiki. We have also worked with Luisa Nevers at GPO to include all our latest software modules in the GENI Integration Release 3.2
  • Developed capability to customize OnTimeMeasure for an NSF-funded GENI experiment titled "Emulating Cloud Dynamics for performance sensitive applications" led by Purdue University. Previously, at GEC10, we integrated OnTimeMeasure with the NSF-funded experiment titled "Resource allocation in virtual desktop clouds" led by The Ohio State University. Paper on OnTimeMeasure Integration in Virtual Desktop Cloud GENI Experiment We are also actively working towards integration of OnTimeMeasure with the NSF-funded GENI experiment titled "Evaluation of Intra-domain Bandwidth Allocation and Inter-domain Routing Algorithms" led by Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Presented a status update of OnTimeMeasure software at GEC11. More specifically, we presented and demonstrated OnTimeMeasure software integration with DOR i.e., GENI Measurement Archive at GEC11 poster session as well as in the GEC11 I&M Working Session. OnTimeMeasure-DOR Integration Slides OnTimeMeasure-DOR Integration Wiki. We also actively participated in the GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Architecture (GIMA) document discussions relating to Measurement Data Object Descriptor (MDOD) data model at the GEC11 I&M Working Session.
  • Published quarterly status report document on the GENI project website.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Details of our activities and findings between April 2011 - July 2011 are as follows:

i. OnTimeMeasure v1.0 Software Release:

We successfully completed the latest Spiral 3 milestone as planned: OnTime: S3.e Demonstrate the use of OnTimeMeasure within a GENI experiment that utilizes multiple GENI tools/services

OnTimeMeasure measurement service is now available to users of ProtoGENI/Emulab, PlanetLab and CRON aggregates. Users can submit measurement requests, control the measurement service, and query measurement data within ProtoGENI, PlanetLab and CRON slices spanning geographically distributed sites within the GENI facility. OnTimeMeasure has also been integrated with InsTools, Gush and DOR. Integration summary is as follows:
OnTimeMeasure-ProtoGENI, OnTimeMeasure-PlanetLab - I&M service for GENI aggregate users
OnTimeMeasure-Gush - I&M service control through Experimenter workflow tool
OnTimeMeasure*-INSTOOLS - Both active* and passive measurements in experiment slice
OnTimeMeasure-CRON - I&M service for 10Gbps network path experiments
OnTimeMeasure-DOR - Persistent storage of I&M data within user slice into GENI measurement archive

To start using OnTimeMeasure, users can register and follow instructions presented at the researcher web-portal -

For details, users can refer to - Tutorial Slides and Tutorial Videos [1]; Wikis with Install and/or Usage Instructions: OnTimeMeasure-ProtoGENI [3], OnTimeMeasure-PlanetLab [4], OnTimeMeasure-InsTools [5], OnTimeMeasure-CRON [6], OnTimeMeasure-Gush [7], OnTimeMeasure-DOR [8].

Following are the list of GENI-related projects who have registered in the researcher web-portal and are trying out the OnTimeMeasure software:

  • GENI Project Office
  • CRON 10Gbps Testbed, Louisiana State University
  • GMOC, Indiana University
  • Instrumentation Tools, University of Kentucky
  • Kansei-Genie, The Ohio State University
  • Virtual Desktop Clouds, The Ohio State University
  • Experiments Security Analysis, University of Alabama
  • Digital Object Registry, CNRI
  • Davis Social Links, University of California, Davis
  • S3, Purdue University, HP Labs
  • Intra-domain Bandwidth Allocation, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • OptFI, University of Vienna
  • G-Lab, TU Kaiserslautern
  • WiMax DDoS Experiment, Clemson University
  • Engineering Classroom Lab, Oklahoma State University
  • Networking for distributed manufacturing, University of Akron
  • Emulating Cloud Dynamics, Purdue University

All the above users have agreed to evaluate our software and provide feedback. In fact, many have already registered, evaluated the features and provided feedback to improve the documentation, installation procedures and usability.

We also have released a complete version of our command-line tool (OnTime Control) that uses XML-RPC messages to perform all the measurement service functions between client-and-server currently being done interactively with researcher web-portal ( For details of the OnTime Control tool, please see - Experimenters can use any other client that supports XML-RPC to communicate with the various OnTimeMeasure web services. A complete list of web services implemented can be found at -

We are working on a "new metric integration" feature that allows Experimenters to add their custom measurement metrics into the measurement service. The motivation for this feature is that the Experimenters not only want to use off-the-shelf tools (e.g., Ping, Netflow) within measurement services in GENI, but also other tools they have developed or others have developed that are relevant to their experiment. Based upon our discussions with Experimenters from OSU, Purdue and RIT, we have development a design document, whose salient aspects can be found in the GEC11 I&M Working Session presentation slides. !OnTimeMeasure New Metric Integration Feature Slides

We broadly described to the GENI community, how OnTimeMeasure software was being used within the OSU Virtual Desktop Cloud experiment during the GEC11 Plenary Talk and Experimenter Round-table Talk. For details, please refer to - Paper on OnTimeMeasure Integration in Virtual Desktop Cloud GENI Experiment

ii. GENI instrumentation and measurement architecture discussions:

We have also made progress towards the GPO requirement to collaborate with related GENI measurement and security projects on a common GENI instrumentation and measurement architecture. We have investigated how OnTimeMeasure's current meta-data collection can be mapped to the GENI Measurement Data Object Descriptor (MDOD) data model. More specifically, we have identified the use cases, identifiers, descriptors and handlers within OnTimeMeasure to map to the early version of the GENI MDOD data model. We plan to work on a prototype implementation in OnTimeMeasure to couple XML records for different measurement objects such that they are compliant with the GENI MDOD data model that is being developed within the I&M working sessions.

iii. Service activities relevant to the GENI community:

Prasad is advising Aishwarya Venkataraman, Graduate Student at OSU Computer Science and Engg. Department, who is working on a GENI experiment funded by NSF titled - “Thin Client Performance Benchmarking Based Resource Adaptations in Virtual Desktop Clouds”. The goal of the experiment is to validate virtual desktop cloud related laboratory investigations under real system loads, and at the same time evaluate the capabilities of multiple kinds of GENI resources.

Prasad was mentoring Alex Berryman, undergraduate student at The Ohio State University until June 31st 2011 as the GENI related NSF REU Student who was engaged in the R&D activities of OnTimeMeasure.

Prasad has been invited for an NSF-sponsored Workshop on Information Centric Engineering (ICE) and Cybertechnologies to be held in Hersonissos, Greece on Oct 19 and 20. He is a member of the workshop organizing committee, and will serve as speaker and moderator for the proposed session on GENI and emerging cyber technologies.

B. Project participants

The following participants have helped in the execution of the project activities described in this status report:

  • Prasad Calyam (PI) – Ohio Supercomputer Center/OARnet
  • Paul Schopis (Co-PI) – OARnet
  • Rohit Patali (Graduate Research Associate) – OARnet
  • Alex Berryman (REU Student) – OARnet
  • Yingxiao Xu (PostDoctoral Fellow) - Ohio Supercomputer Center
  • Mukundan Sridharan (PostDoctoral Fellow) - OARnet
  • Rajiv Ramnath (Professor) - The Ohio State University

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

GEC11 Demo Poster
OnTimeMeasure-DOR Integration Demo Video
OnTimeMeasure-DOR Integration Wiki
OnTimeMeasure-DOR Integration and New Metric Integration Feature
Paper on OnTimeMeasure Integration in Virtual Desktop Cloud GENI Experiment

D. Outreach activities

  • P. Calyam, “OnTimeMeasure Status Update”, GEC11 I&M Working Session, July 2011.
  • P. Calyam, “Resource Allocation in Virtual Desktop Clouds - VMLab-GENI Experiment”, GEC11 Plenary Lightning Talk, July 2011.
  • P. Calyam, “OSU Experiment Feedback to GENI Developers”, GEC11 Experimenter Roundtable Talk, July 2011.

E. Collaborations

We have been collaborating with several GENI project teams: ProtoGENI, GMOC, Instrumentation Tools, S3, Digital Object Repository, Kansei-Genie, CRON, VMI-FED, and Gush. We are also attending Cluster C conference calls regularly.

F. Other Contributions



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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-0940805. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of BBN Technologies, Corp., the GENI Project Office, or the National Science Foundation.