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Overlap between OMIS and other GENI Working Groups

This page collects lists of topics that overlap or connect between the OMIS WG and the other GENI WGs. This includes topics that could be in either WG as well as where things being defined in the two WGs will have to interface with each other.

This is very incomplete at present, please add any additional points of overlap that you think of.

Multiple WGs

Areas that overlap to more than one other WG.

GIMS has parts that are of interest to every WG, and has it's own page.

Facility Control Framework WG (formerly narrow-waist)

Since control-WG is defining the common interface that will be used for operations, there is a need for OMIS to make sure it has all the functions that are needed.

Most of the security for the lower levels of GENI are also being defined in control-WG. There is a need to be sure they are consistent with any higher level security architecture or requirements defined by OMIS.

GENI Experiment Workflow and Services WG

Services' usage scenarios needs input from OMIS.

Substrate WG

Substrate WG is is also making a page for overlaps.

Substrate's resource list needs input from OMIS.

End-User Opt-In WG

How much does operations need to know about End-User Opt-In? If an experiment has general Internet users opting in and becomes a great success, operations will need to track the trend for things like bandwidth provisioning at interconnects and traffic engineering.