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*GENI PLANNING GROUP DOCUMENTS ARE NO LONGER CURRENT. See GpoDoc and the GENI project pages for up-to-date documents and specifications.*

Success Scenarios

The GENI facility will be a success if, over the next 10-15 years, it enables the research community to invent and demonstrate a global communications network and related services that is qualitatively better than today's Internet. Exactly how the research will unfold is, of course, difficult to predict. However, we can anticipate the following possible outcomes:

  • Innovative services and applications will be developed and deployed on the GENI facility, and some of these services will become mature enough to make the transition to commercial adoption.
  • The research community will create a new network architecture that eventually replaces today's architecture. This depends on a convergence of multiple architectural visions and that our approach to deployment proves realistic.
  • We will gain new insights and architectural clarity, which commercial players will be able to retro-fit into today's network architecture. In this way, pursuing a clean slate design improves the odds that today's incremental evolution of the Internet will succeed in addressing emerging challenges.
  • The GENI facility, and its support for virtualization and user opt-in, will itself become a blueprint for the Future Internet. This allows multiple sub-system architectures and network services to co-exist, and results in a climate of continual re-invention. This virtualized network might be realized at many different levels, including both above and below IP.

These possible outcomes are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and the list is not meant to be exhaustive.