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*GENI PLANNING GROUP DOCUMENTS ARE NO LONGER CURRENT. See GpoDoc and the GENI project pages for up-to-date documents and specifications.*


The following is the rough timetable for further development of GENI's research plan, reference design, and execution plan, in preparation for a Conceptual Design Review (CDR) in early 2007. November 1st: 2nd draft of GDDs

  • complete draft of research plan by 11/21

December 1st: 3rd draft of GDDs January 1st: Penultimate draft of GDDs (including research plan)

  • Activities in January:
    • integrate design/wbs/budget (extracted from GDDs) into PEP
    • review of research plan (organized by CCC)

February 1st: Penultimate draft of PEP and Research Plan

  • Activities in February:
    • GDDs revised to be consistent with PEP
    • planning group brings GPO up-to-speed

March 1st: Final version of PEP, Research Plan, supporting GDDs

  • documents frozen for review

April 1st: Conceptual Design Review (CDR) May 1st: GENI presented to NSB

Assuming GENI passes the CDR and is inserted into the Readiness Queue, the post-CDR timeline for the the MREFC process looks like this:

post cdr mrefc timeline

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