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     1== ''***GENI PLANNING GROUP DOCUMENTS ARE NO LONGER CURRENT.  See GpoDoc and the GENI project pages for up-to-date documents and specifications.***'' ==
     3== GENI-Related Development Efforts ==
     5This page contains a partial list of research and prototyping efforts related to GENI, funded by NSF to reduce technical risk in GENI construction.
     7    * [attachment:dev_NetFPGA.txt NetFPGA] - Nick !McKeown
     8    * [attachment:dev_diversified_router.txt Development of a Diversified Router for Experimental Research in Networking] - Jon Turner.
     9    * [attachment:dev_VINI.txt VINI: Virtual Network Infrastructure] - Jen Rexford and Larry Peterson.
     10    * [attachment:dev_WARP.pdf Wireless Open Access Research Platform (WARP)] - Ashu Sabharwal and Ed Knightly.
     11    * [attachment:dev_GENI_wireless.doc Prototyping for Wireless Virtualization and Wired-Wireless Virtualization] - Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Sanjoy Paul, Marco Gruteser, and Ivan Seskar.
     12    * [attachment:dev_banerjee.pdf Time-Based Wireless Virtualization] - Suman Banerjee.
     13    * Large Scale Open Sensor Network Testbed for Urban Monitoring ([attachment:dev_CitySense.txt !CitySense]): [attachment:dev_citysense_summary.pdf summary], [attachment:dev_citysense_proposal.pdf proposal] - Matt Welsh and Josh Bers.
     14    * [attachment:dev_SecurityPrototype.txt A Prototype of the GENI Authorization Architecture] - Tom Anderson, Lujo Bauer, Arvind Krishnamurthy and Mike Reiter.
     15    * [attachment:dev_metamgt.doc Meta-Management System for GENI] - Eugene Ng and Hui Zhang.
     16    * [attachment:dev_control_plane.txt A Control Plane for GENI Experiment Support] - Tom Anderson and Arvind Krishnamurthy.
     17    * [attachment:dev_emu-plab-fed.pdf Emulab-!PlanetLab Federation] - Jay Lepreau.