*GENI PLANNING GROUP DOCUMENTS ARE NO LONGER CURRENT. See GpoDoc and the GENI project pages for up-to-date documents and specifications.*

Planning Group

The following planning group is advising NSF on the design of the GENI facility:

  • Larry Peterson, Princeton (Chair)
  • Tom Anderson, Washington
  • Dan Blumenthal, UCSB
  • Dean Casey, NGENET Research
  • David Clark, MIT
  • Deborah Estrin, UCLA
  • Joe Evans, Kansas
  • Nick McKeown, Stanford
  • Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Rutgers
  • Mike Reiter, CMU
  • Jennifer Rexford, Princeton
  • Scott Shenker, Berkeley
  • Amin Vahdat, UCSD
  • John Wroclawski, USC/ISI

This group is assisted by the following staff:

  • CK Ong, Princeton
  • Terry Benzel, USC/ISI

Working Groups

Working groups are fleshing out the details of various aspects of the proposed design for GENI. They include:

  • Research Coordination: focused on making the scientific case for GENI, and ensuring that the requirements of the research community inform GENI's design.
    • David Clark (co-chair), Scott Shenker (co-chair), Lorenzo Alvisi, Aaron Falk (staff), Paul Francis, Ramesh Govindan, Joe Hellerstein, Kevin Jeffay, Jim Kurose, John Mitchell, Fred Schneider, Ellen Zegura
  • Facility Architecture: focused on the management framework that ties the physical resources into a coherent facility.
    • Larry Peterson (co-chair), John Wroclawski (co-chair), Paul Barford, Jack Brassil, Steve Corbato, Ted Faber (staff), Wendy Huntoon, Ron Hutchins, Jay Lepreau, Robert Ricci (staff), Steve Schwab
  • Backbone Network: focused on the underlying fiber plant, optical switches, customizable routers, tail circuits, and peering relationships.
    • Jennifer Rexford (chair), Dan Blumenthal, Dean Casey, Patrick Crowley, Farnam Jahanian, T.V. Lakshman, Bryan Lyles, Nick McKeown, Sampath Rangarajan (staff), Hui Zhang
  • Distributed Services: focused on distributed services that collectively define GENI's functionality.
    • Tom Anderson (co-chair), Amin Vahdat (co-chair), David Andersen, Frans Kaashoek, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Rick McGeer, Vivek Pai, Mike Reiter, Timothy Roscoe, Mark Segal, Ion Stoica
  • Wireless Subnets: focused on various wireless subnet technologies and deployments.
    • Dipankar Raychaudhuri (co-chair), Joe Evans (co-chair), Victor Bahl, Elizabeth Belding-Royer, Chip Elliott, Deborah Estrin, Mario Gerla, Ramesh Govindan, John Heidemann, Ed Knightly, Gary Minden, Sanjoy Paul (staff), Srini Seshan, Wade Trappe, Dirk Trossen, JP Vasseur, Matt Welsh
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