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New GPO Documents

GENI Spiral 2 Overview: This document provides an overview of GENI Spiral 2. It describes this spiral’s developmental goals and summarizes the active projects. GENI Spiral 2 runs from October 2009 through September 2010. It is the second phase of exploratory rapid-prototyping that will begin to inform technical and operational plans for the envisioned GENI suite of research infrastructure. Spiral 2's primary goal is to begin moving towards continuous experimentation. (Informational) pdf (6/3/10)

GENI Integration Release Guidelines: This document provides common guidelines for contributing software to Spiral 2 Integration Release 1 (GIR 2.1) This release will capture working versions of software that have been integrated in GENI as of GENI Engineering Conference 8 (GEC8). This document describes completion criteria that are helpful for any software deliverable associated with a feature milestone (release, integration, resource availability, and documentation). (Informational) pdf (5/10/10)

GENI Solicitation 3

Announcements regarding the GPO's third solicitation for proposals to perform GENI development, prototyping, and integration can be found here.

New GPO Documents

GENI Security Plan: The plans presented in this document are motivated by: (1) The tremendous growth of GENI by the end of Spiral 2: By the end of Spiral 2 GENI will have been deployed in over a dozen campus networks and will have over twenty aggregates providing resources for use by experimenters, and (2) An increase in the numbers of researchers expected to use GENI for experimentation. The plans described in this document are Spiral 2 activities in preparation for this growth by Spiral 3. (Draft Recommendation) pdf (3/15/10)

GENI Recommended Use Policy: Common guidelines for using the suite of GENI infrastructures to the GENI community. GENI participants should be willing to follow the guidelines, and to support GENI community efforts to implement this policy. (Adopted Recommendation) pdf (3/10/10)

GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Architecture: This document defines the architecture for the GENI instrumentation and measurement subsystem. It is an early DRAFT, to be used for discussion in the GENI Instrumentation and Measurement working group, starting at the GEC7 meeting. (Draft Recommendation) pdf (3/8/10)

GENI Spiral 2

GENI Spiral 2 has kicked off with Design and Prototyping projects focusing on increased integration, interoperability, identity management, and instrumentation & measurement. In addition, Meso-Scale Prototyping projects are deploying promising technologies in 8-12 locations. Project pages are listed at wiki:SpiralTwo.

GEC7 Demonstration Results

Videos, posters, presentations and some photos from the GEC7 demo session are now available on the GEC7 demo summary page.

Project Feature

The Million-Node GENI project and PIs Thomas Anderson and Justin Cappos from University of Washington, Seattle, are featured on the homepage. (permalink) (5/20/10)

The Kansei GENI project and PIs Anish Arora and Rajiv Ramnath from Ohio State University and Hongwei Zhang from Wayne State University are featured on the homepage. (3/22/10)

The BGP Mux project and PI Nick Feamster are featured on the homepage. (permalink). Prior feature articles have highlighted ORBIT, GUSH, Enterprise GENI, and ORCA. (3/2/10)

GENI Solicitation 2

Announcements regarding the GPO's second solicitation for proposals to perform GENI development, prototyping, and integration can be found here and here.

Risk Reduction & Prototyping Solicitation #1

The GENI Project Office periodically solicits proposals for design and development. The first solicitation was issued on December 17, 2007. Large proposals were due February 15, 2008. More information can be found at the GENI Project Office site.

IPR Policy

The GENI Project Office Intellectual Property rules for technologies developed for GENI may be found here.


The second GENI Engineering Conference was held on March 3-4, 2008 at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia. There was also a special newcomer's session on Sunday March 2 at 6pm. The meeting agenda and presentations can be found

Open Positions
The GPO has immediate openings for 2 system engineers with expertise in distributed systems, and network management, integration, operations, and security. GPO system engineers play a key role in GENI development -- synthesizing a comprehensive design from working group contributions, defining subsystem requirements, assessing technical risk, evaluating candidate technologies, and overseeing prototyping efforts. Further, they will each have a leadership role in GENI working groups conveying GPO priorities and collecting technical guidance from the community. Candidates with exceptional technical and communication skills are invited to apply. Details can be found at