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Project Feature

The BGP Mux project and PI Nick Feamster are featured on the homepage. Prior feature articles have highlighted ORBIT, GUSH, Enterprise GENI, and ORCA. (3/2/10)

GENI Solicitation 2

Announcements regarding the GPO's second solicitation for proposals to perform GENI development, prototyping, and integration can be found here and here.

Risk Reduction & Prototyping Solicitation #1

The GENI Project Office periodically solicits proposals for design and development. The first solicitation was issued on December 17, 2007. Large proposals were due February 15, 2008. More information can be found at the GENI Project Office site.

IPR Policy

The GENI Project Office Intellectual Property rules for technologies developed for GENI may be found here.


The second GENI Engineering Conference was held on March 3-4, 2008 at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia. There was also a special newcomer's session on Sunday March 2 at 6pm. The meeting agenda and presentations can be found

Open Positions
The GPO has immediate openings for 2 system engineers with expertise in distributed systems, and network management, integration, operations, and security. GPO system engineers play a key role in GENI development -- synthesizing a comprehensive design from working group contributions, defining subsystem requirements, assessing technical risk, evaluating candidate technologies, and overseeing prototyping efforts. Further, they will each have a leadership role in GENI working groups conveying GPO priorities and collecting technical guidance from the community. Candidates with exceptional technical and communication skills are invited to apply. Details can be found at