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Project Number


Project Title

Deploying a Vertically Integrated GENI “Island”: A Prototype GENI Control Plane (ORCA) for a Metro-Scale Optical Testbed (BEN)

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Ilia Baldine Ilia Baldine (RENCI)
Co-Principal Investigator: Jeff Chase (Duke)
BEN Operations Staff and IT Contact: Chris Heermann (RENCI)
Software Staff: Yufeng Xin (NDL support)
Software Staff: Daniel Evans (RENCI) (network element driver development)
Software Staff: Aydan Yumerefendi (RENCI) (core software development)
Software Staff: Anirban Mandal (RENCI)
Students: Prateek Jaipuria

ORCA/BEN team is pictured from left to right: Dan Evans (RENCI), Yufeng Xin (RENCI), Ilia Baldine (PI at RENCI), Aydan Yumerefendi (RENCI), and Chris Heermann (RECNI). Jeff Chase (Co-PI at Duke), Varun Marupadi (Duke) and Matt Sayler (Duke) are not pictured.

Participating Organizations

New Internet Computing Lab (NICL)
Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA)
BEN: Breakable Experimental Network
Renaissance Computing Insititute (RENCI), Chapel Hill, NC
Duke University, Durham, NC
Infinera Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA

Related Projects

ORCA Augmentation Project

Project web site maintained by RENCI, including ORCA code and ticketing system

New Internet Computing Lab (NICL)
Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA)
BEN: Breakable Experimental Network

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


The scope of work on this project is to extend ORCA (a candidate GENI control framework) to include the optical resources available in BEN metro optical testbed. Also, to make a reference implementation of ORCA available to additional GENI prototypes and assist, with limited support, in the integration of ORCA into select wireless/sensor prototypes. The team will operate a clearinghouse for the various testbeds under the ORCA control framework. Also, connect with the NLR backbone network FrameNet service to facilitate end-to-end VLAN's connections into BEN. Finally, make the integrated (VLAN connections and control framework) ORCA/BEN infrastructure available to external researchers by the end of Year-1.

Operational Capabilities

ORCA (Cluster D) Clearinghouse
ORCA clearinghouse equipment location: RENCI, 100 Europa Drive, Chapel Hill, NC.
ORCA clearinghouse will use RENCI public IP addresses.
The ORCA clearinghouse at RENCI is now operational.
Go to Cluster D Clearinghouse at RENCI ; get login from Ilia Baldine
These Cluster D projects have installed (moved) their broker to the clearinghouse: BEN(?); DOME; ViSE; Kansei


MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1a Extend ORCA as a GENI control framework)? status
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1b Make an early reference implementation of ORCA available)? status
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1c Integration of NDL or other topology description mechanism)? status
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1d Integrate ORCA with BEN including slivering of Infinera DTNs)? status
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1e Complete end-to-end VLAN connections between BEN and NLR)? status
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1f All ORCA assigned prototypes integrated into ORCA clearinghouse)? status
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1g Make a working and tested prototype of BEN and GENI available for limited external research)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: 1h Delivery of preliminary control framework design documentation)?

MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.a Rel 2.1_1 ORCA code to projects)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.b Rel 2.2_1 ORCA code to projects)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.c Rel 2.3_1 ORCA code to projects)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.d Rel 2.x_1 ORCA code, docs to GPO)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.e Operate, extend clearinghouse)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.f GMOC access to clearinghouse)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.g Cluster plan for VLANs between testbeds)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.h BEN testbed access by GENI users)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.i BEN testbed access from remote sites)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.j VLANs from BEN to backbone)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.k Integration of GUSH)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.l Experiments BEN and other testbeds)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.m POC to GENI response team)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.n POC to GENI security team)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S2.o Contribution to GENI outreach)?

MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.a Cluster D roadmap review)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.1 ORCA intermediate code release and documentation)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.2 "With other CFs, a plan for consistent names and interfaces and for resource descriptions at interoperability interfaces ")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.3 "Plan to interop with other CFs, particularly from and to protoGENI (Cluster C) ")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.4 "Plan for operations portal into Cluster D site, including status and logs ")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.5 Cluster C and Cluster D connectivity plan)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.6 "Streamline Cluster D site setup and operation, including cluster (Eucalyptus) and connector (L2 switch, with full tag mapping) ")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.7 Command-line operation and mixed-mode testing)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.8 XMLRPC controller implementing GENI AM API v1)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.9 Resource representation format conversion (RSpec to NDL-OWL))?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.b.10 Layer 2 Cluster D stitching implementation)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.c "GEC10 Cluster D roadmap review, capabilities demonstration and experimenter outreach.")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.d.1 ORCA Camano 3.0 code release and documentation)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.d.2 Resource representation format conversion (RSpec to and from NDL-OWL))?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.d.3 ProtoGENI handler and policy support)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.d.4 Layer 2 Cluster C/Cluster D stitching implementation)?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.e "GEC11 Cluster D roadmap review, capabilities demonstration and experimenter outreach. ")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.f.1 GUSH integration (in cooperation with GUSH team))?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.f.2 "ORCA Camano 3.1 code release, documentation and final report")?
MilestoneDate(ORCABEN: S3.f.3 Programmable peering for slices at Layer 3 (support for Xiaowei's experiment)?

Status Reports and Demonstrations

ORCABEN: 4Q08 Status Report
ORCABEN: 1Q09 Status Report
ORCABEN: 2Q09 Status Report
"ORCA/BEN Integration Demo with Stitching of VLANs between BEN and NLR", July 7, 2009
"ORCA/BEN Integration Demo", July 7, 2009, web site
ORCABEN: 3Q09 Status Report

ORCABEN: 4Q09 Status Report
ORCABEN: 1Q10 Status Report
ORCA/BEN and Cluster D Demo at GEC7 on March 16, 2010
ORCABEN/ORCAAUG: 2Q10 Status Report
ORCA/BEN Slides at GEC8
ORCABEN/ORCAAUG: 3Q10 Status Report
Nowcasting Demo

ORCABEN/ORCAAUG Post-GEC10 Status Report

Technical Documents

GENI - ORCA, web site maintained by RENCI, including ORCA code and ticketing system

"Sharing Networked Resources with Brokered Leases", 2006
"ORCA Technical Note: Guests and Guest Controllers", 2008
"BEN GENI Substrate Description", 2008
ORCA-fest May 28, 2009, web site
"Experimenting with Ontologies for Multi-Layer Network Slicing", June 26, 2009

Software Releases

ORCA Software Releases, on web site maintained by RENCI


BEN equipment is located per the "BEN GENI Substrate Description", 2008 drawing.
External connectivity to BEN done per Fig 3 of "BEN GENI Substrate Description", 2008 drawing.
BEN node at RENCI has 10 GigE connection to NLR FrameNet on port TenGig 2/2.
BEN has provisioned VLAN IDs 861-870 for use with FrameNet.
BEN node at RENCI uses RENCI production router for connections to commodity Internet, Internet2 and NLR (via NCREN).
BEN IP addresses should be added to this page.
BEN Operations Staff and IT Contact: Chris Heermann RENCI

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