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     73We do not use NDL in the demo to provide the broker or site authority with
     74resource accounting information – this is a Spiral 2 enhancement. [[BR]]
     76In this demo the
     77NDL request describing a desired BEN connection is passed from the Slice Manager
     78directly to the BEN Transit Authority as part of the redeem procedure. The Slice
     79Manager first acquires a VLAN tag ticket from the VLAN broker and attaches the
     80NDL to this ticket before passing it to the BEN Transit Authority. The BEN Transit
     81Authority then validates the ticket and uses the NDL description of the request to
     82compute the cross‐layer path across BEN.
     84In the BEN Transit
     85Authority, NDL is also used in the form of the
     86BEN catalogue. This NDL
     87catalogue is pre‐loaded into the Jena ontology engine at the start of the demo.  The BEN Transit Authority relies on the contents of the catalogue to
     88compute the cross‐layer path (i.e. which network elements need to be configured)
     89and provide handler/drivers with necessary configuration information. [[BR]]
     91Because the contents of the ontology is dynamically updated during the demo, the
     92BEN Transit Authority path computation algorithm is intelligent enough to take
     93advantage of the existing links whenever possible (existing links are added to the
     94ontology as the demo progresses). For example, in the case of two slices, the first
     95slice across BEN establishes a fiber connection between respective fiber switches
     96and a DWDM connection between Infinera DTNs. The second slice, aware of the
     97existence of these links based on the contents of the ontology, does not require any
     98fiber switch or Infinera configuration steps and simply configures another VLAN in
     99the 6509 over the existing DWDM connection.