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     1'''Project Number'''
     5'''Project Title'''
     7Deploying a Vertically Integrated GENI “Island”:  A Prototype GENI Control Plane (ORCA) for a Metro-Scale Optical Testbed (BEN) [[BR]]
     8a.k.a.  ORCA/BEN or ORCABEN
     11'''Technical Contacts'''
     13Principal Investigator:   
     14Ilia Baldine [[BR]]
     16Co-Principal Investigator:   
     17Jeff Chase
     19 [[BR]]
     20Software Staff:  David Becker  Duke Univ [[BR]]
     21BEN Operations Staff and IT Contact:  Chris Heermann  RENCI [[BR]]
     22Software Staff:  Daniel Evans  RENCI [[BR]]
     23Software Staff:  Shu Huang  RENCI [[BR]]
     24Software Staff:  Yufeng Xin  RENCI [[BR]]
     27'''Participating Organizations'''
     29[  Renaissance Computing Insititute (RENCI),  Chapel Hill, NC][[BR]]
     30[  Duke University,  Durham, NC][[BR]]
     31[  Infinera Corporation,  Sunnyvale, CA][[BR]]
     35The scope of work on this project is to extend ORCA (a candidate GENI control framework) to include the optical resources available in BEN.  Also, to make a reference implementation of ORCA available to additional GENI prototypes and assist, with limited support, in the integration of ORCA into select wireless/sensor prototypes.  The team will operate a clearinghouse for the various testbeds under the ORCA control framework.  Also, connect with the NLR backbone network !FrameNet service to facilitate end-to-end VLAN's connections into BEN.  Finally, make the integrated (VLAN connections and control framework) ORCA/BEN infrastructure available to external researchers by the end of Year-1.
     40[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1a  Extend ORCA as a GENI control framework"]  [[BR]]
     41[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1b  Make an early reference implementation of ORCA available"]  [[BR]]
     42[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1c  Integration of NDL or other topology description mechanism"]  [[BR]]
     43[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1d  Integrate ORCA with BEN including slivering of Infinera DTNs"]  [[BR]]
     44[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1e  Complete end-to-end VLAN connections between BEN and NLR"]  [[BR]]
     45[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1f  All ORCA assigned prototypes integrated into ORCA clearinghouse"]  [[BR]]
     46[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1g  Make a working and tested prototype of BEN and GENI available for limited external research"]  [[BR]]
     47[milestone:"ORCABEN:  1h  Delivery of preliminary control framework design documentation"]  [[BR]]
     49Trac website maintained by RENCI:
     50[  GENI - ORCA web site]
     54'''Project Technical Documents'''
     56Links to wiki pages for the project's technical documents go here.  List should include any document in the working groups, as well as other
     58useful documents.  Projects may have a full tree of wiki pages here.
     60[  "Sharing Networked Resources with Brokered Leases",  2006][[BR]]
     61[  "ORCA Technical Note:  Guests and Guest Controllers",  2008][[BR]]
     62[   "BEN Overview",  DRAFT 2008][[BR]]
     64'''Spiral 1 Connectivity'''
     66Please include links to wiki pages about details of infrastrcture that the project is using (if any).  Examples include IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, DNS servers, local site network maps, VLANIDs (if permanent VLANs are used), pointers to public keys.  May also include ticket links for pending or known connectivity issues.  Many projects will have a full tree of wiki pages here.[[BR]]
     68ORCA clearinghouse equipment location:  RENCI, 100 Europa Drive, Chapel Hill, NC. [[BR]]
     69ORCA clearinghouse will use RENCI public IP addresses.[[BR]]
     70There is no ORCA equipment located at Duke (or Infinera). [[BR]]
     72BEN equipment is located per the [   "BEN Overview",  DRAFT 2008] drawing.[[BR]] 
     73External connectivity to BEN done per Fig 3 of [   "BEN Overview",  DRAFT 2008] drawing.[[BR]]
     74BEN node at RENCI has 10 GigE connection to NLR !FrameNet. [[BR]]
     75BEN node at RENCI uses RENCI production router for connections to commodity Internet, Internet2 and NLR (via NCREN). [[BR]]
     76BEN IP addresses are ? [[BR]]
     78BEN Operations Staff and IT Contact:  Chris Heermann  RENCI [[BR]]
     80'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''
     82Harry Mussman
     84'''Related Projects'''
     86[  New Internet Computing Lab (NICL)][[BR]]
     87[  Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA)][[BR]]
     88[  Shirako][[BR]]
     89[  BEN:  Breakable Experimental Network][[BR]]