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     1== Post-GEC14 Status report for ORCA-BEN, ORCA-AUG projects ==
     3Period: 03/13-07/12
     5I. Major accomplishments
     7Created [ Camano-3.1-extended release] with more robust topology embedding, !OpenFlow and better GENI AM API v2 compliance. In a separate branch of code tested a prototype libABAC integration with ORCA. Deployed 3.1-extended with the first two ExoGENI racks. Ran an experimenter tutorial at GEC13 on ExoGENI racks and existing Duke, RENCI, UNC and UH ORCA installations.
     9A. Milestones achieved
     11The Camano-3.1-extended is an intermediate release with topology embedding, GENI AM API and other functions overlayed on top of an older 3.X ORCA code base. Development of a drastically re-factored ORCA 4.0 codebase is also ongoing, with features from 3.1-extended due to be ported to the 4.0 codebase before GEC14. These activities count towards partial fulfillment of ORCAAUG: S4.d ORCA Dungeness 4.0 code release and documentation milestone.
     13B. Deliverables made
     15ORCA Camano-3.1-extended code is available to other ORCA adopters. The code has been deployed into existing infrastructure and the new ExoGENI racks at RENCI and BBN.
     17II. Description of work performed during last quarter
     19A. Activities and findings
     21 * Refactored topology embedding code to open for future features (like dynamic stitching of elastic slices) and to be more robust. It is deployed and also ready for integration with 4.0 codebase.
     22 * Support for !OpenFlow was added both as an experimenter mechanism ('please create a vlan-based slice and attach it to my external OF controller') as well as internally in Orca to create VLAN-based slices (without exposing !OpenFlow to the experimenters)
     23 * Initial ABAC integration based on Camano-3.1 codebase was finished. It awaits integration into 4.0 codebase.
     24 * NDL-OWL -> RSpec ad conversion was implemented to create a more compliant GENI AM API v2 implementation. The existing API implementation was also refined to match the specification wherever possible.
     25 * As part of another project (NSF-funded SDCI), Orca was ported to run on top of !OpenStack with [ NEuca extensions] and the new configuration of compute substrate (using !OpenStack) was deployed in the new racks.
     27B. Project participants
     29 * Jeff Chase (Duke) and Ilia Baldine (RENCI) co-PIs
     30 * Yufeng Xin (RENCI)
     31 * Aydan Yumerefendi (Duke)
     32 * Victor Orlikowski (Duke)
     34C. Publications (individual and organizational)
     36D. Outreach activities
     38 * Tutorial at GEC13 showcasing ORCA and ExoGENI rack capabilities.
     40E. Collaborations
     42 * ExoGENI
     43 * iGENI
     44 * GENI IMF
     46F. Other Contributions