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    11= ORCABEN/ORCAAUG GEC12 Status Report =
     3== Remaining milestone status in ORCABEN ==
     5 - ORCABEN: S3.b.6: Completed. Installing an ORCA site is well-documented and tested process. There are sites in UH and UaF in addition to BEN sites.
     6 - ORCABEN: S3.b.7: Currently being implemented and will be release with ORCA Dungeness 4.0. This is a very disruptive change we could not fit in the schedule in Spiral 3.
     7 - ORCABEN: S3.d.1: Camano 3.0 released in May 2011.
     8 - ORCABEN: S3.d.2: Request and manifest conversion has been demonstrated. Ad conversion is under implementation and will be part of Dungeness 4.0
     9 - ORCABEN: S3.d.3 and ORCABEN: S3.d.4: There were delays in getting connectivity to ION beyond our control. We expect to have the connectivity available in Spiral 4 via StarLight/iGENI as Internet2 now should have available ports at StarLight for us to connect.
     10 - ORCABEN: S3.e: ORCA only entered beta operations starting with Camano 3.1 (Dec 2011). IMF project demonstrated using ORCA for its activities. We are working with other experimenters within and outside Cluster D allowing them to use limited ORCA resources for experiments.
     11 - ORCABEN: S3.f.1: GUSH has been integrated and tested with ORCA and used as part of the GUSH tutorial. GUSH assumes having a public IP address on allocated slivers which is not true on all ORCA substrates. In 4.0 we will add a feature permitting GUSH to work from behind NATted address space
     12 - ORCABEN: S3.f.2: Camano 3.1 released in Dec. 2011.
     13 - ORCABEN: S3.f.3: This milestone is being folded into OpenFlow support in ORCA in Spiral 4.
     15== Remaining milestone status in ORCAAUG ==
     17 - ORCAAUG: S3.d.2: Camano 3.0 released in May 2011
     18 - ORCAAUG: S3.e: See ORCABEN: S3.e above
     19 - ORCAAUG: S3.f.1: Completed and demonstrated
     20 - ORCAAUG: S3.f.2: Initial ABAC implementation demonstrated at GEC11. Ted Faber demonstrated additional code at GEC12. Jeff Chase worked with Tom Mitchell on allowing Shibboleth attributes from Duke IdP to be passed to GENI portal and creating credentials based on that.
     21 - ORCAAUG: S3.f.3: There is an advanced scheduling implementation in the current code. We will continue improving its optimality.
     22 - ORCAAUG: S3.f.4: Camano 3.1 released in Dec. 2011.
    524== Project Participants ==