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ORCA code development

We have continued to develop ORCA code base as well as additional components.

  • Software releases
  • New Features
    • ImageProxy was developed under NSF SDCI award. It allows to download and register user-generated VM (virtual appliance) images at multiple independent Eucalyptus sites so it can be used as part of the slice. Integrated with ORCA Eucalyptus handler capability. Demonstrated at GEC10.
    • Shorewall DNAT proxy was developed and integrated with ORCA Eucalyptus handler capability (ORCAAUG: S3.b.2). Allows to expose Eucalyptus clouds that are in private address spaces to the public Internet by using port forwarding for port 22 (SSH) or others between public and private address spaces. Demonstrated at GEC10.
    • Extended controller logic to allow intra- and inter-domain experiment topology embedding across one or more Eucalyptus sites (ORCAAUG: S3.d.1). Demonstrated at GEC10.
    • Reworked XMLRPC ORCA Actor Registry to reflect actor liveness and catch simple configuration errors (ORCABEN: S3.b.4).
    • Updated ORCA XMLRPC controller to support both GENI AM API and ProtoGENI AM API (ORCABEN: S3.b.2, ORCABEN: S3.b.3, ORCABEN: S3.b.5, ORCABEN: S3.b.8). Demonstrated at GEC10 by using GPO's omni tool in ProtoGENI mode to talk to an ORCA aggregate.
    • Extended NDL-OWL converter to accept ProtoGENI RSpec v1 and v2 requests and convert to NDL-OWL. Integrated with ProtoGENI XMLRPC ORCA controller (ORCABEN: S3.b.9). Demonstrated at GEC10.

ProtoGENI interoperability

  • Developed and submitted to GPO a connectivity plan between Cluster D and Cluster C (connection for Cluster D to ION) (ORCABEN: S3.b.3 and ORCABEN: S3.b.5)
  • Developed the RSpec to NDL-OWL request converter (see above)
  • Updated ORCA XMLRPC controller to support protoGENI API and protoGENI RSpec v2.

Cluster D

  • Members of the project participated in LEARN experimenter workshop. Presented and demonstrated ORCA to the experimenter community in TX.
  • Provided requirements and input for installing Cisco3400 switches at LEARN (ORCABEN: S3.b.10)
  • Completed connections from Ohio State and Wayne State (Kansei testbeds) to RENCI-owned switch located at StarLight/iGENI that will facilitate ORCA-controlled connectivity from those testbeds to other GENI substrates (ORCABEN: S3.b.10).
  • Worked with project members of the cluster on adopting Bella 2.2 release

Other Activities

  • Participated in GPO discussions on
    • Authn/Authz/ABAC/Shib,
    • Stitching
    • RSpecs
  • Project PIs made presentations on these subjects at GEC10

Project Participants

  • Ilia Baldine PI, RENCI
  • Jeff Chase PI, Duke University
  • Yufeng Xin (NDL-OWL development, experiment embedding)
  • Anirban Mandal (actor registry, XMLRPC controller, policy development)
  • Chris Heermann (BEN Operations, Cluster D connectivity), RENCI
  • Victor Orlikowski (Software testing, system administration, documentation), Duke University
  • Aydan Yumerefendi (codebase maintenance, documentation, core enhancements) – core development team, RENCI
  • Prateek Jaipuria (ImageProxy, Shibboleth integration) development), Duke University
  • Muzhi Zhao (ImageProxy development), Duke University