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This QSR combines reports for the original ORCABEN project (1528) as well as the ORCAAUG Augmentation project (1700), initiated 10/1/2009. Consistent with the GPO nomenclature, project milestones below are prepended with project names ORCABEN and ORCAAUG, respectively.

During the last quarter the team has continued improving the codebase and adding new features to ORCA:

  • Restructuring and cleaning out of the codebase
    • Completed development of ORCA XMLRPC that is close to the GENI AM API definition. Demonstrated at GEC9. The GPO (Tom Mitchell) has been making patches and recommendations for the code to become more compliant with GENI AM API 1.0.
    • Improved actor registry component to accept ORCA actor heartbeats to detect actor liveness and introduced rules for validating actor registrations (and discarding invalid ones). Available at
  • New NDL-handling capabilities:
    • Extended the NDL-OWL definitions to cover new Eucalyptus capabilities including node address assignment and site topology embedding
    • IContinued refining Emulab NS2 to NDL-OWL converter, now capable of accepting topologies consisting of point-to-point links and VLANs (available at
  • Adding new substrate and substrate driver capabilities
    • Implemented ORCA Eucalyptus handler that includes NEuca (Network Extensions to Eucalyptus) capabilities, developed by RENCI for an NSF SDCI project (see h for more details on NEuca). Demonstrated in the plenary demo at GEC9.
    • Extended OpenFlow handler capabilities to use the new XML-RPC interface for creating OF guest configurations by ORCA. Demonstrated at GEC9.
  • Added more substrate
    • RE-installed with NEuca extensions RENCI-owned (BEN-attached) clusters in RENCI datacenter and on UNC campus. Working on fully enabling a Duke-owned cluster with NEuca.
  • Operations
    • Communicated the details of the XMLRPC actor registry interface to GMOC for integration.
  • Software Releases

We continued working with Cluster-D projects to help them integrate the new features of the Bella 2.0 release done in the previous quarter. This included documenting the new substrate API, best practices documents, network driver development HOWTO and answering direct questions from Cluster-D developers. University of Houston has developed and passed to us driver tasks for a Cisco3400 switch which are currently being tested to prepare for inclusion in Bella 2.2 release.

Project Participants

  • Ilia Baldine PI, RENCI
  • Jeff Chase PI, Duke University
  • Yufeng Xin (NDL-OWL development, inter-domain path finding), Anirban Mandal (actor registry, XMLRPC controller, policy development), Aydan Yumerefendi (codebase maintenance, documentation) – core development team, RENCI
  • Prateek Jaipuria, Duke University
  • Chris Heermann – BEN Operations, RENCI
  • Namgon Kim (OpenFlow handler, authority, OF experiment controller) (GIST, Korea, visiting scholar at RENCI)