wiki:ORCA-BEN QSR 2010-06-30

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This QSR combines reports for the original ORCABEN project (1528) as well as the ORCAAUG Augmentation project (1700), initiated 10/1/2009. Consistent with the GPO nomenclature, project milestones below are prepended with project names ORCABEN and ORCAAUG, respectively.

During the last quarter the team has continued improving the codebase and adding new features to ORCA:

  • Restructuring and cleaning out of the codebase
    • Remove legacy COD (Cluster-on-Demand) code that handled back end substrate management and replaced it with more generic code that allows introduction of NDL-based resource descriptions
  • New NDL-handling capabilities:
    • Improvements to the core actor code to allow passing of NDL-OWL resource descriptions between authority, broker and service manager actors.
    • Improvements to the actor registry to enable the publishing of site NDL-OWL resource descriptions
    • Extended NDL-based inter-domain policy code to allow multiply-connected topologies (topologies consisting of multiple connections)
    • Stabilized the definition for slice NDL-OWL request topology descriptions
    • Implementation of an Emulab NS2 to NDL-OWL converter
  • Adding new substrate driver capabilities
    • Improved Eucalyptus handler
    • Developed Juniper EX3200 driver

We continued working with Cluster-D projects to help them integrate the new features