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Project Number


Project Title

Control, Measurement, and Resource Management Framework for Heterogeneous and Mobile Wireless Testbeds
a.k.a. ORBIT

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Marco Gruteser WINLAB / Rutgers University
Co-Principal Investigator: Max Ott NICTA
Co-Principal Investigator: Ivan Seskar WINLAB / Rutgers University Ivan Seskar
Technical Staff: Joseph Milkjovic WINLAB / Rutgers University
Technical Staff: Thierry Rakotoarivelo NICTA

Participating Projects and Organizations

OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework)
ORBIT Testbed
GENI Projects at WINLAB
WINLAB / Rutgers University, North Brunswick, NJ
NICTA, Alexandria, NSW, Australia


The scope of work on this project is to extend the OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework) to design and implement a prototype of a GENI-compliant resource management, experiment control, and measurement framework, so that it can support experiments across heterogeneous testbed resources, with a specific focus on mobile testbeds. GENI control framework functions will be added to the OMF as they become defined. Support for mobile testbeds will include the handling of disconnection, and providing temporal and spatial control. Reference implementations of your GENI-compliant resource management, experiment control, and measurement framework will be provided to another wireless project, and its testbed will be integrated into your OMF environment as a federated testbed. Both testbeds will be connected to a GENI backbone network.

Current Capabilities

At the end of Spiral 1.


MilestoneDate(ORBIT: 1a Extend OMF to support multiple heterogeneous testbeds)? status
MilestoneDate(ORBIT: 1b Extend OMF interfaces and software to support mobile testbeds)? status
MilestoneDate(ORBIT: 1c provide reference implementations of extended OMF software to WiMAX project)? status
MilestoneDate(ORBIT: 1d Provide VLAN connections to the GENI backbone)? status
MilestoneDate(ORBIT: 1e Establish OMF operating environment, verify, and demo)? status
MilestoneDate(ORBIT: 1f Support experimentation by other GENI users)? status
ORBIT: 1out Contribute to GENI outreach plan status

Project Technical Documents

Current OMF documents
Earlier ORBIT documents
Early ORBIT documents
ORBIT diagram
ORBIT images
For an architecture overview, see:

  • D. Raychaudhuri, et al, “Overview of the ORBIT radio grid testbed for evaluation of next-generation wireless network protocols,” in Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2005. See ORBIT Testbed
  • Maximilian Ott, Ivan Seskar, Robert Siracusa, Manpreet Singh, "ORBIT Testbed Software Architecture: Supporting Experiments as a Service" , Proceedings of IEEE Tridentcom 2005, Trento, Italy, Feb 2005
  • Manpreet Singh, Maximilian Ott, Ivan Seskar and Pandurang Kamat, "ORBIT Measurements Framework and Library (OML): Motivations, Design,Implementation, and Features" , Proceedings of IEEE Tridentcom 2005, Trento, Italy, Feb 2005
  • D. Raychaudhuri and Editors M. Gerla, “New architectures and disruptive technologies for the future internet: The wireless, mobile and sensor network perspective” Report of NSF Wireless Mobile Planning Group (WMPG) Workshop, August 2005, at report

Report describing an approach for ORBIT to PlanetLab Interoperability

Quarterly Status Reports

ORBIT: 4Q08 Status Report
ORBIT: 1Q09 Status Report
ORBIT: 2Q09 Status Report
ORBIT: Review on June 28, 2009

Spiral 1 Connectivity

Location of equipment:

ORBIT Lab at WINLAB, Rutgers University, North Brunswick, NJ
NORBIT Lab at NICTA, Alexandria, NSW, Australia
Clearinghouse will be located in WINLAB.

Layer 3 connectivity

WINLAB has existing IP connectivity and public addresses that will also be used for GENI.
NICTA has existing IP connectivity and public addresses that will also be used for GENI. .

Layer 2 connectivity - final

WINLAB will connect 1 Gig to Internet2 DCN.
Path; via fiber ; via NJEdge; via MAGPI East, 401 Broad Street, 9th floor; to Internet 2 DCN.
Note: NLR PoP at MAGPI East is promised, but not yet there.
Contact at WINLAB: Ivan Seskar
Contact at NJEdge: Greg Palmer Contact at Internet 2: Matt Zekauscas, Bruce Cash

NICTA will connect 1 Gig to Internet2 DCN.
Path: via Australian Advanced Research Network ; via LA PoP; to Internet2 DCN. Contact at NICTA: Max Ott

GPO Liason System Engineer

Harry Mussman

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