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     1= OFUWI Project Status Report =
     3Period: Ending GEC15
     5== I. Major accomplishments ==
     6=== A. Milestones achieved ===
     8=== B. Deliverables made ===
     10See Publications below.
     12== II. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     14=== A. Activities and findings ===
     15The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently launched [[ WISDOM]] (the Wisconsin Institute on Software-defined Datacenters in Madison).  This initiative brings together faculty and students from networking, systems, and security to address the challenges and opportunities of software-defined data centers, which form the core of the future cloud platform. Several projects have been spawned under this initiative which rely on the UW-Madison OpenFlow testbed for prototyping and evaluation.  The projects include: software-defined interfaces for layer 3-7 network services, efficient scaling and load balancing of layer 3-7 network services deployed in clouds, development of distributed denial of service and anomaly detection frameworks for software-defined networks, integration of software-defined storage (SDS) and software-defined networking (SDN), and several others. 
     17To support these projects, we have reconfigured our network in a small data-center-like tree topology, and we are in the process of deploying software-defined switching and virtualization software on these nodes to provide a more cloud-like environment for experimentation.  We are also in the process of acquiring more servers and switches to double the size of the topology and include higher-bandwidth 10Gbps links between our aggregation and core layers.  Once we gain more experience in managing and experimenting in the testbed, we hope to make it available to external experiementers to support their work on clouds and data centers.
     19=== B. Project participants ===
     20 * Aditya Akella, PI
     21 * Aaron Gember, graduate student
     22 * Saul St. John, graduate student
     23 * Anand Krishnamurthy, graduate student
     24 * Xiaoyang Gao, graduate student
     25 * Yizheng Chen, graduate student
     26 * Dale Carder, network engineer
     27 * Mike Blodgett, network engineer
     29=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     31 * ''Stratos: Virtual Middleboxes as First-Class Entities.'' Aaron Gember, Robert Grandl, Ashok Anand, Theophilus Benson, and Aditya Akella. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Technical Report TR1771, Madison, WI, 2012.
     32 * ''Toward Software-Defined Middlebox Networking.'' Aaron Gember, Prathmesh Prabhu, Zainab Ghadiyali, and Aditya Akella. Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets), Redmond, WA, 2012.
     33 * ''ECOS: Leveraging Software-Defined Networks to Support Mobile Application Offloading.'' Aaron Gember, Christopher Dragga, and Aditya Akella. Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS), Austin, TX, 2012.
     35=== D. Outreach activities ===
     37We have established an SDN Development Group at UW-Madison to train both graduate and undergraduate students how to design and implement a variety of SDN applications.  We started by having the participants work through the OpenFlow tutorial, using our GENI infrastructure to test their applications.  Currently, the students are working on a variety of individual and group projects to further expand their SDN development skills.
     39=== E. Collaborations ===
     40=== F. Other Contributions ===