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GENI Openflow Training for Network Administrators
a.k.a. OFTRAIN

Technical Contacts

PI: Matt Davy, Indiana University,

Participating Organizations

Indiana University

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Heidi Dempsey


This project will develop material for a 2-day hands-on workshop on GENI and OpenFlow targeted primarily at network administrators for university campuses and regional networks, and run this workshop repeatedly at major operator conferences (Joint Techs) and at the IU GlobalNOC education lab. The objectives are to: (1) Demonstrate to network administrators that OpenFlow is stable and can be run in parallel with production traffic, (2) Give network administrators a firm understanding of OpenFlow so they are comfortable with supporting it on their production networks, and (3) Help network administrators understand the potential value of OpenFlow and GENI on their networks.


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