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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9Nicira Networks Development and Support for !OpenFlow Campus Trials [[BR]]
     10a.k.a. OFNOX
     12=== Technical Contacts ===
     14'''PI''': Martin Casado
     16=== Participating Organizations ===
     18[ Nicira Networks], Palo Alto CA
     20=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
     22Josh Smift
     24== Scope ==
     26Nicira Networks will support enhancements to the NOX software base used in !OpenFlow, and provide trouble-shooting support for !OpenFlow shakedown in campus and backbone environments in GENI.  Campuses and backbones are expected to use NOX for at least three years, with Nicira’s help (BBN and Stanford will also help support campuses).   The primary enhancements to NOX are 1) Upgrades for NOX compatibility with !OpenFlow 1.0 in the GENI environment, 2) Design improvements that make it easier to install and run NOX in GENI and 3) a new console interface (SNAC) intended primarily for Campus IT staff to use to manage !OpenFlow on their campuses.
     28=== Current Capabilities ===
     30''Update this section as the project gains capabilities.''
     32=== Milestones ===
     34[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.a Publish NOX feature list)]] [[BR]]
     35[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.b Release NOX supporting OpenFlow 1.0)]] [[BR]]
     36[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.c Initial rough NOX API documentation)]] [[BR]]
     37[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.d Release software that supports OpenFlow 1.0 configuration protocol, and NOX API V2)]] [[BR]]
     38[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.e Support campus installations of GENI software with AM API)]] [[BR]]
     39[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.f Port existing applications to latest OpenFlow identifiers)]] [[BR]]
     40[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.g Add support for multiple Openflow protocols)]] [[BR]]
     41[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.h Increase portability)]] [[BR]]
     42[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.i Release first version of SNAC/NOX console software)]] [[BR]]
     43[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.j Plan and engineer GEC 9 demo)]] [[BR]]
     44[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.k Support campuse upgrades to OF 1.0 and GENI API)]] [[BR]]
     45[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.l Improve system and regression test support)]] [[BR]]
     46[[MilestoneDate(OFNOX: S2.m Publish feature list for 2011 releases)]] [[BR]]
     49== Project Technical Documents ==
     51''Add links to wiki pages as the project gains technical documents. Include any document in the working groups, as well as other useful documents.''
     53=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     57Due 2010-03-31: [wiki:OFNOX-2010Q1-status 2010-Q1 Status Report]
     59=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     61''Add links to wiki pages about details of infrastructure that the project is using, as it gets connected.''
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