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OFNLR Project Status Report

Period: 2010-Q3

This project will deploy and operate OpenFlow-enabled HP Procurve 6600 switches at 5 NLR PoPs and interconnect NLR’s FrameNet network to the GENI OpenFlow-enabled backbone, permitting members and non-members of NLR to connect to GENI OpenFlow services.

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • OFNLR: S2.b Lab test OpenFlow 1.0 capable switch and controller
  • OFNLR: S2.c Deploy OpenFlow switches to five POPs
  • OFNLR: S2.d Engineer and test regional network connections

Currently in process:

  • OFNLR: S2.e Provide access to OpenFlow slivers for testing
  • OFNLR: S2.f Plan and engineer GEC 9 demos

B. Deliverables made

  • The five NLR OFBB switches are deployed
  • All cross-connects are in place including
    • WaveNet (two 10Gb per switch)
    • FrameNet (one 10Gb per switch)
    • Out-of-band (one async control per switch)
    • (10Gb to Internet2 switch in Atlanta)

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

  • OpenFlow switch installation and cross-connects were completed
  • GEC 8 demo passing traffic between IU campus OpenFlow environment through a section of the NLR OpenFlow backbone and an NLR FrameNet-connected host in Seattle.
  • VLAN configuration planning
    • VLANs specified for core network
    • VLAN translation will be available as needed to implement campus connections
    • VLANs provisioned for GaTech and Clemson
  • Debugging traffic flow problems in core
  • Planning for GEC 9 demos

B. Project participants

  • PI: Gwendolyn Huntoon, NLR CEO (acting)/NLR CTO
  • Grover Browning, NLR Director of Engineering and Operations
  • Andrew Lee, Network Engineer
  • Ron Milford, Network Engineer
  • Chris Small, Systems Engineer
  • Kathy Benninger, Project Manager

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

D. Outreach activities

E. Collaborations

  • GPO/Stanford/IU collaboration
    • Testing operation of controllers and traffic flow on OFBB
    • VLAN configuration planning
  • GPO/Internet2
    • NLR – Internet 2 OpenFlow backbone connection installed in Atlanta

F. Other Contributions