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OFNLR Project Status Report

Period: 2010-Q1

This project will deploy and operate OpenFlow-enabled HP Procurve 6600 switches at 5 NLR PoPs and interconnect NLR’s FrameNet network to the GENI OpenFlow-enabled backbone, permitting members and non-members of NLR to connect to GENI OpenFlow services.

I. Major accomplishments

Completed NLR deployment plan for year 1 (5 cities). Specified cities are: Sunnyvale, CA; Seattle Washington; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; and Atlanta, Georgia. The deployment plan is intended to allow the NLR OpenFlow-capable network to interoperate with the Internet2 OpenFlow-capable network and with the GENI OpenFlow campus deployments.

A. Milestones achieved

  1. OFNLR: S2.a Complete initial deployment plan (Completed on time 04/14/10)

B. Deliverables made

Deployment schedule with task list was completed.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

  1. Identified NLR project staff
  2. Completed project budget
  3. Completed SOW and deployment schedule
  4. Began discussion with GPO and Internet2 regarding location of backbone interconnection (Chicago and Atlanta under consideration)

B. Project participants

  • PI: Glenn Ricart, NLR CEO
  • Grover Browning, NLR Director of Engineering and Operations
  • Andrew Lee, Network Engineer
  • Ron Milford, Network Engineer
  • Chris Small, Systems Engineer
  • Kathy Benninger, Project Manager

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

D. Outreach activities

E. Collaborations

F. Other Contributions