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OpenFlow Campus Trials at Indiana University GEC12 Report

Christopher Small – Principal Investigator
Matthew Davy – Co-Principal Investigator
Dave Jent – Co-Principal Investigator


  • FlowScale production deployment in Bloomington
  • RouteFlow experiment deployment and demonstration at the Internet2 Joint Techs conference
  • XSP experimentation
  • Internet2 ProtoGENI cluster integrated with OpenFlow
  • Management and measurement software deployed for IU Production controller
  • Topology discovery work
  • Training and outreach activities

Major Accomplishments

Description of Work Performed

Project Participants

During this time, key participants in the OpenFlow campus trial included:

  • Chris Small, PI
  • Matt Davy, Co-PI
  • John Meylor
  • Ali Khalfan
  • Jason Muller
  • Ron Milford
  • Camilo Viecco


Publications & Documents

Small, C, FlowScale Poster GENI Engineering Conference 12, Kansas City, MO

Small, C, RouteFlow Regional Deployment Poster

Small C., Davy M. OpenFlow overview from GEC12 network Engineer workshop

Small, C, Davy M. Flowscale: Loadbalancing as a service GEC12 Plenary Presentation

GENI Documents


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