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    2525= Description of Work Performed =
    27 __"Plastic Slices" demonstration of initial integration with AM and other campuses:__ Along with all the other OpenFlow campus deployments deployed the simulated "Plastic Slices" experiments. To facilitate these efforts we placed an additional MyPLC Planetlab nodes (for a total of 4) at the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis. We also deployed monitoring software on the PL nodes, MyPLC node and the Flowvisor server to facilitate. We also have used our existing testpoint in Indianapolis to deploy multiple interfaces on all the vlans used to provide a reference point to troubleshoot connectivity. The configuration is the "standard" cmpus configuration with vlans 3715 and 3716 bridged to vlan 1715 and the Planetlab nodes on vlan 1715.
     27__FlowScale deployment and demo at GEC12 and SC11:__ Flowscale, a load balancing application,
    2929__GENI VM "stack" for Expedient/OIM/Flowvisor/Measurement:__ In order to support OpenFlow in campus in a more supportable way we have moved Expedient/OIM and Flowvisor to a production server located in the Bloomington Data Center Enterprise Machine Room instead of it's formner location in the testlab. Production 24/7 monitoring is in place to detect any problems with the server and alert the IU GlobalNOC Service Desk of any issue. The design and layout is based on the Internet2 and National Lambda Rail OpenFlow VM servers. The concept is to provide some seperation of the tools as there are still some issues with library and OS distribution support and conflicts. It also provides some ability to migrate and create new test VMs  to minimise downtime in case a major restructuring or upgrade/change of OpenFlow tools.