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    1 GEC10 Status Report
     1= OpenFlow Campus Trials at Indiana University GEC10 Report =
     3Christopher Small – Principal Investigator[[BR]]
     4Matthew Davy – Co-Principal Investigator [[BR]]
     5Dave Jent – Co-Principal Investigator [[BR]]
     7= Summary =
     9 * "Tango GENI" demonstration of initial integration with AM and other campuses
     10 * Expansion of IU deployment with NetGear switch and additional HP 5406s
     11 * Measurement Manager additional features deployed and demonstrated at GEC10
     12 * Outreach effort at workshops at Internet2 Joint Techs and APRICOT-APAN conferences
     13 * Began work on Loadbalancer application with Clemson
     14 * Production Operational Support
     16= Major Accomplishments =
     17== Milestones ==
     19__Initial integration with AM and other campuses:__ We deployed a Expedient and Opt-In manager instance connected to the IU Flowvisor. This deployment was successfully used as part of the GENI for Everyone demo. The demonstration showed that a rather complex OpenFlow topology (3 Openflow enabled switches over 2 campuses) could be utilized for external experiments. There were issues with slice creation on the MyPLC nodes in Bloomington because of issues with the nodemanager code crashing on the Planetlab hosts but this was not realted to the core OpenFlow deployment.
     24== Deliverables ==
     26__Measurement Manager__: The Measurement Manager was originally deployed and demonstrated at GEC9. This software capture information about the state of the OpenFlow infrastructure including topology, utilization and configuration of each OpenFlow aggregate. It also captures information thorough the FlowVisor API about the configuration and use of each slice. The collected information can be used by the experimenter, GENI operator or the aggregate owner to monitor and capture information about the experiments and the state of the infrastructure.
     28For GEC10 we demistrated additional monitoring
     31Currently data is being collected from the IU, National Lambda Rail and Internet2 OpenFlow networks
     33More information about the Measurement Manager is at:
     34[ Measurement Manager]
     37Currently a number of Measurement Manager output formats are used to drive data collection. The Measurement Manager
     38generates configuration for measurement, monitoring and collection of topology information. Some of the live data from the GENI
     39OpenFlow infrastructure is linked below.
     41Nagios monitoring of infrastructure Status:
     44Aggregate OpenFlow Statistics:
     47National Lambda Rail OpenFlow Port Statistics:
     50GMOC Representation of Openflow Topology and Slice information:
     51 [click on the OpenFlow aggregate button]
     55= Description of Work Performed During Last Quarter =
     57== Activities and Findings ==
     59__Bloomington Production Deployment__: Diagram of current production deployment
     61[[Image(iu_of_net.png, 60%)]]
     63== Collaborations ==
     65Clemson (loadBalancer)
     66Stanford (monitoring)
     67CpQD (L3 router)
     68Internet2 (monitoring)
     69NLR (monitoring)
     71== Project Participants ==
     72During this time, key participants in the OpenFlow campus trial included:
     74 * Chris Small, PI
     75 * Matt Davy, Co-PI
     76 * John Meylor
     77 * Ed Furia
     78 * Camilo Viecco
     79 * Ian Bobbitt
     81== Publications & Documents ==
     83Small, C,  Measurement Manager Poster  GENI Engineering Conference, San Juan Nov 2-4
     86Davy, M. , Small, C,  OpenFlow BoF, Internet 2 Joint Techs, Clemson 
     89Small, C. "OpenFlow Workshop" Future Internet Workshop at APRICOT-APAN - Hong Kong Aug 27
     92== GENI Documents ==