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Indiana OF GEC9 Report

OpenFlow Campus Trials at Indiana University GEC9 Report

Christopher Small – Principal Investigator[BR] Matthew Davy – Co-Principal Investigator[BR] Dave Jent – Co-Principal Investigator[BR]


  • Measurement Manager deployed and demonstrated at GEC9
  • Asteri*x, SmartRE, and Pathlet demos deployed for GEC9 demos
  • Connection to NLR Openflow Core and multiple other campuses
  • Expedient and Opt-In manager deployed and controlling the IU Flowvisor instance

Major Accomplishments


Installed GENI software with AM API implementation: We deployed a Expedient and Opt-In manager instance connected to the IU Flowvisor. This deployment was successfully used to control slices created as part of the Aster*x demo.


Measurement Manager: The Measurement Manager was deployed and demonstrated at GEC9. This software capture information about the state of the OpenFlow infrastructure including topology, utilization and configuration of each OpenFlow aggregate. It also captures information thru the FlowVisor API about the configation and use of each slice. The collected information can be used by the experimentor, GENI operator or the aggregate owner to monitor and capture information about the experiments and the state of the infrastructure.

Currently data is being collected from the IU, National Lambda Rail and Internet2 OpenFlow networks

More information about the Measurement Manager is at: Measurement Manager

Currently a number of Measurement Manager output formats are used to drive data collection. The Measurement Manager generates configuation for measurement, monitoring and collection of topology information. Some of the live data from the GENI OpenFlow infrastructure is linked below.

Nagios monitoring of infrastructure Status:

Aggregate OpenFlow Statatics:

National Lambda Rail OpenFlow Port Statistics:

GMOC Representation of Openflow Topology and Slice information: [click on the OpenFlow aggregate button]

Initial wide area connectivity: We have deployed Layer 2 connectivity between CIC OpenFlow and the Indiana Gigapop. This will allow testing to any device reachable through the NLR dynamic provisioning service using the Sherpa dynamic provisioning tool.

Description of Work Performed During Last Quarter

Activities and Findings

Bloomington Production Deployment: Diagram of current production deployment

GEC Demo Configuation: Equipment has been deployed to enable Layer 2 connectivity to the OpenFlow capable equipment deployed in the national backbones. Connectivity to other campus deployment can also be accomplished with Sherpa connections across OpenFlow.

Project Participants

During this time, key participants in the OpenFlow campus trial included: Chris Small, PI Matt Davy, Co-PI John Meylor Ed Furia Camilo Viecco Ian Bobbitt

Publications & Documents

Small, C, Measurement Manager Poster GENI Experimenters Workshop Jun 29-30

GENI Documents


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