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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9GENI OpenFlow Backbone Deployment at Internet2 [[BR]]
     10a.k.a. OFI2
     12=== Technical Contacts ===
     14'''PI''': Eric Boyd [[BR]]
     15Matt Zekauskas [[BR]]
     17=== Participating Organizations ===
     19[ Internet2], Ann Arbor MI and Washington DC [[BR]]
     21=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
     23Josh Smift
     25== Scope ==
     27Internet2 will implement Stage 0 of the Internet2 OpenFlow test network by creating a five node OpenFlow test network using small enterprise switches (HP ProCurve 5406 switches proposed, pending evaluation). The initial design has 10GE WAN interfaces, but that is subject to negotiation of the MOU Internet2 has with GENI for wide-area connectivity. Stage 0 comprises the appropriate OpenFlow controller(s), interfaces to connect several enterprise OpenFlow campuses, and interfaces to connect other projects such as ProtoGENI and SPP. The Stage 0 network will allow members and non-members of Internet2 to connect to GENI OpenFlow services.
     29Internet2 will create OpenFlow nodes in five cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York, and Salt Lake City. Internet2 will also explore integrating the OpenFlow nodes with OpenFlow deployments on ProtoGENI nodes. In this second, complementary-to-ProtoGENI scenario, Internet2 will create OpenFlow nodes in five cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.
     31=== Current Capabilities ===
     33''Update this section as the project gains capabilities.''
     35=== Milestones ===
     37[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.a Complete initial deployment plan)]] [[BR]]
     38[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.b Lab test OpenFlow 1.0 capable switch and controller)]] [[BR]]
     39[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.c Deploy OpenFlow switches to five POPs)]] [[BR]]
     40[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.d Complete draft plan for integrating initial deployment with ProtoGENI)]] [[BR]]
     41[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.e Engineer and test regional network connections)]] [[BR]]
     42[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.f Provide access to OpenFlow slivers for testing)]] [[BR]]
     43[[MilestoneDate(OFI2: S2.g Plan and engineer GEC 9 demo)]] [[BR]]
     45== Project Technical Documents ==
     47=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     49Template: QuarterlyStatusReportTemplate
     51Due 2010-03-31: [wiki:OFI2-2010Q1-status 2010-Q1 Status Report]
     53=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     55==== Backbone Network Connectivity Diagram ====
     57''When ready, attach the I2 backbone connectivity diagram as i2-backbone-connectivity.png, and link it in here.''
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